Survey Says: THIS Is the Most Popular Mascara Among Millennials

Millennials are such a great blend of old and new. Though we may be in a technologically advanced world that our parents are still trying to get the hang of, we can still appreciate the classics. Take makeup, for example—cult products still reign supreme among younger generations for the fact that they really and truly work. But put a celebrity face and budding trend together and a classic lipstick may be shoved aside for Kylie's matte blockbusters.

So if a slew of millennials were polled about their favorite beauty products, which items would you imagine to be at the top? Influenster, a beauty product discovery and review platform, asked 5000 American women this exact question (as well as questions about their beauty habits), and the results were quite interesting (and somewhat predictable). For example, their favorite mascara wasn't Dior or MAC, but a more affordable drugstore option. Keep scrolling to see what it is!