"Midlight Red" Is Officially the Hair Color of the Summer—Here are 8 Photos

Summer hair color usually springs to mind lighter, highlighted locks, but this year, a lot of women seem to be trading blonde for a new shade—"midlight red." This year's midlight red isn't the bright, one-dimensional Hayley Williams shade we rocked, or wanted to rock, in the mid-2000s (no shade to our girl Hayley, though—that look was iconic). Instead, the 2018 version is a much more complex hue that we've noticed on more and more celebs like Julianne Hough, Rita Ora, and Blake Lively.

To learn more about this growing trend, we talked to celebrity colorist Matt Rez, who just so happens to also be the creator of the midlight technique. Rez attributes the recent rise in red shades to a cultural shift. "As women have become more and more empowered over the last decade alone, I see more and more requests and openness to and less insecurity about going red," he explains. "Celebs are no different. More and more parts are being written for redhead characters, and I have had a few myself that went red for their roles."

Want to learn more about midlight red (and see a ton of inspiration)? Just keep scrolling.

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