The Sleek, Foolproof Hairstyle We're Seeing All Over Instagram

No-fuss hairstyles like middle-part ponytails are crowd favorites for a reason. Interestingly enough, "effortless" styles like messy buns and beachy waves require work. You'll find yourself in the mirror for an hour redoing each bun to get it to look like the perfect messy style. It's so ironic how those rolled-out-of-bed styles are actually not effortless to achieve. On the contrary, pulling your hair back into a middle-part ponytail is one of the simplest low-maintenance styles on the map. And they look damn good. 

Every celebrity is donning this classic style, which we see most frequently at fancy events like red carpet appearances and such. Middle-part ponytails are the epitome of glamour and can be worn a multitude of ways. Oftentimes, you'll see it looking oh so sleek, achieved by a pomade and a lot of hair spray to lock the style in place. Or it's worn loosely and paired with tendrils and layers. If you haven't tried a center-part style yet, do it. Get ready for chicness overload, and feast your eyes on our 10 favorite middle-part ponytails below.