The Sleek, Foolproof Hairstyle We're Seeing All Over Instagram

Anna Kendrick in a ponytail and white dress
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No-fuss hairstyles like middle-part ponytails are crowd favorites for a reason. Interestingly enough, "effortless" styles like messy buns and beachy waves require work. You'll find yourself in the mirror for an hour redoing each bun to get it to look like the perfect messy style. It's so ironic how those rolled-out-of-bed styles are actually not effortless to achieve. On the contrary, pulling your hair back into a middle-part ponytail is one of the simplest low-maintenance styles on the map. And they look damn good. 

Every celebrity is donning this classic style, which we see most frequently at fancy events like red carpet appearances and such. Middle-part ponytails are the epitome of glamour and can be worn in a multitude of ways. You'll often see it looking oh-so-sleek, achieved by a pomade and a lot of hair spray to lock the style in place. Or it's worn loosely and paired with tendrils and layers. If you haven't tried a center-part style yet, do it. Get ready for chicness overload, and feast your eyes on our 10 favorite middle-part ponytails below. 

Gabrielle Union looks stunning in her sleek, afro-puff ponytail. Pair your slicked-down middle part with a lot of texture to achieve this look. 

Celebrity hairstylist Nikki Nelms transformed Zoë Kravitz's micro braids with a pulled-back middle part and romantic baby hair. Here's proof your braids will look just as good in this classic style adorned with a hair accessory. 

Victorian-esque Lily Collins might be our favorite (insert heart eyes). This breathtaking middle part dressed up with crown braids skyrockets this look into a league of its own.

The shine on Kendall Jenner's center-part style is practically blinding. As proven, this hairstyle pairs well with glossy textures fit for momentous occasions like The Met Gala. 

Tiffany Haddish with a parted ponytail
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Tiffany Haddish keeps her ponytail minimally styled for maximum impact, keeping the hair straight and sleek all the way down the hair shaft.

Of course, Bella Hadid can effortlessly pull off a half-middle-part style, which adds so much dimension to her hair. Has there ever been a more polished-looking ponytail?

If you want to look like the belle of the ball like Lily Aldridge, tuck your pony into a tight bun like this timeless look. She looks regal with this middle part. 

Zendaya smoothed down her natural curls up in front, but we love her free-form texture in the back. 

Rosalyn Sanchez with a low ponytail
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Roselyn Sanchez spices her pony up with strands of leather wrapped around it for a warrior-princess-chic vibe we love.

Celebrity stylist Chad Wood said it best in his caption: "Business Casual." Sophia Bush looks like the ultimate boss she is with her sleek middle part, which also can look very professional, as you can see. 

  • How do you do a sleek high ponytail with a middle part?

    First, blow dry your hair straight or use a flat iron to start with smooth and sleek hair. Using a fine tooth comb, part hair down the middle and apply gel, such as Caviar Smoothing Gelee, to keep that middle part in place. Pull hair back into a high ponytail, brushing from the sides back to maintain your middle part, and secure with a hair tie. Add more gel as needed for that sleek look and finish off with hairspray.

  • How do you copy Kendall Jenner's middle part ponytail?

    Kendall Jenner looked both pulled together and playful in her sleek, low ponytail with a middle part. To copy her look, use a flat iron to start with a sleek surface. Use a fine tooth comb and part hair down the middle. Pull hair back to the nape of your neck and secure hair with a hair tie. To smooth flyaways and to amp up the shine, spray a mist of Amika Top Gloss Hair Shine Spray ($25). Easy and beautiful!

  • What is the best ponytail style for a round face?

    Instead of a low, sleek ponytail, a high ponytail with lots of volume on top will elongate your head and flatter a round face. Leave out a few front pieces or soft tendrils around your face. Make sure to keep most of the volume on your crown with your high ponytail.

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