This Customized Facial Incorporates Different Holistic Remedies

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I've had a lot of time to parse through the real reasons I'm so captivated by skincare, why keeping my skin healthy is important to me, and why researching a new facial treatment is entirely thrilling. The short answer is it's my hobby. The long answer, of course, probably has more to do with consistency—how keeping my skin clear and bright allows me to rely on it in a way I can't for other things in life. There's a clear cause and effect I can control; when I wash my face twice a day, use my favorite skincare products, and attend regular facials, my skin will look good. If I don't, it'll vacillate.

Why am I taking you through this therapy session? Well, it helps explain why I was so enraptured with this particular facial. Offered at Take Care, each facial is customized for your specific needs. Founder Sadie Adams studied anatomy, Ayurveda, and yoga therapy, which led her to focus on regenerative therapies and healing. That being said, the spa doesn't just offer essential oils and holistic remedies like Ayurveda and Taoist Immortal practices but rather incorporates clinical treatments into its list of offerings like LED lights, microdermabrasion, and microcurrent facials. I chose the Take Care microcurrent facial, and without spilling too many details too soon, I'll just say it was pure Ayurvedic bliss.

Read on for more about my experience with the Take Care's customized facial that uses microcurrent and marma.

What Is Take Care's Customized Microcurrent Facial?

According to the spa, Take Care's microcurrent facial combines high-tech (microcurrent) with ancient Ayurvedic remedies. "This facial includes the application marma therapy," Adams notes. Marma is meant to cleanse blocked energy by using various points (also known as "doorways") throughout the body.

"The marma points can be used to detoxify tissue and as a diagnostic tool, giving me insights about your constitution and imbalance," says Adams. "They are also adaptogenic, stimulating the body's biochemistry to produce exactly what one needs to strengthen (or pacify) and to heal—aligning body, mind, and consciousness."

The microcurrent is meant to help speed up the entire cleansing process. "Microcurrent is then applied to the face to further galvanize the marmas, nadis (subcirculatory channels), and the meridians, activating your skin and integrating the various layers of tissues as well as the peripheral and central nervous system," explains Adams.

Benefits of Take Care's Microcurrent Facial

  • Tones facial tissue
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Improves skin texture

Not only is it meant to detoxify skin, but the microcurrent facial utilizes ingredients that promise to help cleanse the body overall. "The Tulsi Soothing Tri Clay Mask ($48) answers the call for both acute and chronic pitta accumulation, with clarifying and soothing herbs that are wholesome and natural," notes Adams. "Each ingredient collaborates in the formula to adapt and bring harmony to various aspects of pitta imbalance." ("pitta" is meant to control digestion, metabolism, and energy production, and balancing your pitta is meant to create and maintain your health.)

Anisha Khanna, CEO of Sonäge, adds, "In Ayurveda, the doshas (functional energies) play a dynamic role, constantly changing in response to the weather, environment, and stress. Getting to know your doshas and creating manifestations with intention will make it easier to balance them. Summertime has a tendency to cause a pitta-dosha imbalance, and you are more likely to experience flareups, inflammation, sunburn, breakouts. The Tulsi Soothing Clay Mask has pitta calming ingredients that cool and calm excess pitta adding quality to your life during warmer months."

What To Expect from Take Care's Customized Microcurrent Facial

Sonäge Hydrating Cleanser
Sonäge Hydrating Cleanser $26.00

The Ayurvedic facial began with a brief conversation and consultation with Adams that informs the course of treatment she provides. Once the intention for the session is clear, she cleaned my skin using Sonäge Hydrating Cleanser and a gentle oxygenated steam, followed by a hydrating mist. She may also use Soothing Cleansing Creme ($28) if your skin needs it.

Before diving into the microcurrent, Adams gets to work on the marma therapy. "I work with great sensitivity at points that are relevant to the needs of each client, to bring clarity and balance to emotional and physiological conditions. These vital junctures, where two or more tissues interface, are also the keys to pathways of subtle subcirculatory systems and can immediately influence the body as a whole. I use educated discernment to choose marma points that are a priority for you, informed by information gleaned from our conversation and my own observation. I work with a steady pressure or a press-and-release method, a linear motion or circular motion (and clockwise or counterclockwise) depending on the expression of balance and imbalance at a given convergence."

NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device Original
NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device $209.00

Now it's time for the microcurrent. "Microcurrent brings forth fluid membrane balance and increases the energy for subcellular structures." It's a fine electrical current, strategically applied, to foster a healing environment and safely bring tissues to a renewed, healthier function.

Tulsi soothing tri clay mask
Sonäge Tulsi Soothing Tri Clay Mask $48.00

After stimulating my face with the microcurrent, Adams soothed my skin with a therapeutically aromatic mask made with Triphala and turmeric. Adams claims that the Sonäge Tulsi Soothing Mask supports cellular immune function, reduces inflammation, and regulates oil production. This mask promises to extract toxins and impurities from your skin while delivering minerals and nutrients, making skin bright and smooth.

The ingredients include three French clays made from supercharged and decomposed plant minerals. Extensively used in Ayurveda, Tulsi, commonly known as holy basil, is considered a sacred herb that is meant to help the body purify and function optimally during times of stress. Then, that's blended with Triphala, a source of vitamin C; and turmeric, a powerful anti-inflammatory.


It's a calming treatment, to be sure, so no major precautions need to be taken before or after. That being said, the microcurrent might lead to slight redness, and always, be sure to slather on sunscreen to ensure your skin stays protected.

The Final Takeaway

I did a quick mirror check and couldn't believe how radiant my skin looked. It felt, in a word, amazing. In my experience, the microcurrent works in just one session (with added results after a few more) and left my face jarringly sculpted, toned, and glowy. I'll definitely be booking this facial again.

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