The Micro-Needling Appointment That Healed My Soul

“Self-care leads to self-love, and self-love leads to self-passion, and self-passion opens you up to be a conduit of love and light for the Divine.” I’m lying down face-up in a room in SoHo, and a woman named Mashell Tabe is intoning this sentence above me, her voice wafting over me like airborne Ambien. A lovingly laid-out cluster of crystals keeps me company to my left. As Tabe’s voice lulls in a soothing cadence, she moves a needle-tipped vibrating wand over my face, puncturing my skin. “Oh, this is good—you’re barely bleeding at all,” she remarks.

If this sounds like the start of a New Age ritual gone wrong, I’d say you had above-average powers of deduction—but you’d be wrong. This unique, soul-awakening experience was less horrifying and more healing. I left the 90-minute seance of sorts feeling lighter in both heart and spirit, with a complexion that rivaled the glow of a Glossier ad.