Exclusive: Getting Ready With Crazy Rich Asians Star Michelle Yeoh

Updated 01/14/19
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If you haven't watched this summer's blockbuster hit Crazy Rich Asians, we highly recommend you add it to your DVR queue immediately. If you have, you'll definitely remember Michelle Yeoh's portrayal of of the unruffled Eleanor Young, the second-in-line matriarch of the Young family who simultaneously frightens us with her calculating gaze and awes us with her pristine appearance. Yeoh herself channels Eleanor's sleek style in real life (fun fact: the glittering emerald ring she bestows to Rachel in the film is actually Yeoh's own), which is why we've been following her closely in the awards show circuit.

For last night's Critics' Choice Awards, she didn't disappoint. Swathed in a red off-the-shoulder gown and matching red lip, Yeoh was the picture of elegance—Eleanor would definitely approve. Dior celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin gave Byrdie an exclusive look at her getting-ready process—including the exact shade of that perfect red lip. Keep scrolling to see what it's like to get ready with Michelle Yeoh. 

Daniel Martin

For Critics' Choice, we went full on "Lady in Red”—chic, modern and timeless. Michelle wore a gorgeous red gown, so I knew I wanted to keep her overall makeup look very classic—bold, but not too over-the-top. I wanted her makeup to complement the color statement within her dress, so we went with a classic, bold Dior #999 red lip.

Here’s a small snippet of the set-up. Michelle has a naturally beautiful complexion, so we just tok this a bit further with a sheer layer of the new Dior Forever Matte Foundation. I like to mix this with the Dior Capture Youth Revitalizing Oil Serum to add a small amount of glow into the skin. For eyes, I used this Honest Beauty eyeshadow palette with a little bit of contour under the cheekbones using the Dior Backstage ContourPalette

Here is Bertrand getting started with Michelle’s blowout. We kept the overall look very polished, sleek and classic. 

The tools responsible for her sleek blowout. 

Some final makeup touches. I usually will send a lip and a poser compact or blotting paper for her to keep in her clutch before she takes off for the red carpet. 

Getting ready to go!

And she's off!

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