Michelle Phan Shares Her Selfie-Ready Contour Tips

Contouring can sometimes be an intimidating technique, especially when it comes to our daily makeup routines. We too often make the mistake of overusing our bronzers, leaving our faces looking more like we just got a bad spray tan than a flawlessy structured nose and cheekbones. But that's why we have people like YouTube star and beauty icon Michelle Phan to show us the way. In this video, Phan shows us how to do what she calls the "30-second nose job." She uses a simple contouring technique that gives you the look of a surgically structured nose, without having to go under the knife (because let's face it, we're scared of ending up on an episode of Botched!). Phan uses the Chairscuro Contour and Highlighter Stick ($24) from her line of Em Cosmetics to contour her nose to perfection!  

What's your go-to contouring technique? Share with us below!