Michelle Obama Launched This $15 Limited-Edition Red Lipstick To Encourage Voting

The liquid lippie is featured in her "When We All Vote" initiative.

Michelle Obama

 Michelle Obama

When Michelle Obama speaks about politics, we listen. When the former First Lady shows her support for women-owned businesses, it sells out within hours! This was just the case for a Detroit beauty brand that was featured in Mrs. Obama’s first collection of merch from her nonprofit, nonpartisan organization When We All Vote.

Launching her “Vote 4EVER Merch,” the mother-of-two used her political knowledge and social influence to inspire customers, who purchased the limited-edition products, to cast their ballot. 

Amongst the collection—featuring gender-neutral and sustainable clothing, accessories, beauty, and lifestyle products designed by independent, Black-owned and women-owned businesses—was the Black-owned beauty brand, The Lip Bar.

“My forever First Lady is wearing @thelipbar,” the cosmetic brand shared on Instagram with excitement. ⁣“MICHELLE OBAMA is wearing Bawse VOTER! We are so excited and so proud to partner with our forever first lady @michelleobama and @whenweallvote's mission to get people to the polls this November!”

In literal minutes, The Lip Bar sold out of 500 bottles of their $15 limited-edition “Bawse Voter” lipstick. 

“Proud of this moment not just because of Michelle Obama, but also bc we partnered with @whenweallvote to support voter registration,” CEO of The Lip Bar, Melissa Butler shared on her Instagram. “40% of the purchase price of all Bawse Voters will go towards WWAV and their goal to get people to the polls come November 3rd!”

Upset you can’t get your hands on the iconic red lipstick? Unfortunately, Melissa tells Byrdie that there will not be a restock of Bawse Voter box, but she does leave us with some good news. "For anyone who wants to wear the same lipstick as our beloved auntie Michelle, as I like to refer to her as (of course she’s not my aunt), you can buy our iconic Bawse Lady Lipstick ($13). For the partnership with When We All Vote, we renamed our best selling lipstick to "Bawse Voter" and created cute boxes to support the partnership. We sold out of that batch, but Bawse Lady, which is known as the world's best red, is still available," she informs.

Lip Bar
Lip Bar Bawse Lady Liquid Matte $13.00

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