10 Metallic Hair Cuffs to Step Up Your Summer Hair Game

I don't do much with her hair (like, ever), so hair accessories are my saving grace. They allow me to default to my everyday hairstyles—the half-up, half-down look; the messy topknot; or the classic ponytail—without feeling boring or unkempt. All I have to do is toss in an interesting hair clip, an embellished bobby pin, or a hair scarf, and suddenly my been-there-done-that hairstyle is new and fresh. It's kind of like magic.

Out of all the hair accessories out there, I have a special appreciation for hair cuffs. They're cool, versatile, and somehow both traditional and modern at the same time (depending on which one you choose, of course). They're made even better when covered in a shiny metallic finish. Brass, copper, gold, silver… It doesn't matter. What does matter, however, is that you're up-to-date on the coolest ones out there. And here they are: the 10 best metallic hair cuffs money can buy.