The Excessive Bathroom Selfies Were the Most Relatable Thing About the Met Gala



I was wearing vintage denim, not couture; my locale was a neighborhood dive bar rather than New York City's most iconic museum. But like a number of celebrities who attended the Met Gala last night, I walked into the bathroom, was feeling my look, and thus snapped a quick mirror selfie before heading back into the noisy fray. And that, folks, may be the one thing I have in common with the attendees of the fashion industry's biggest party of the year.

In the case of the A-listers at the ball, bathroom 'grams were the easiest way to skirt the event's strict "no selfie" rule—which you might liken to our general embarrassment of taking GPOYs in public, hence the temptation of doing so in the privacy of a locked restroom. Unsurprisingly, Kylie Jenner led the charge on the most memorable snap of the night, assembling a crew of models, sisters, sisters' rumored boyfriends, a vaguely pained-looking Brie Larson, and Diddy to populate the frame.

But Jenner's was hardly the only rule-bending Instagram shot of the night. Keep scrolling to check out more of the best rebellious bathroom selfies below. (Celebs—they're just like us!)