How to Do a Topknot Like a Free People Model

There are certain people in the world who naturally possess the done-undone texture we long for—the Olsens would be one (or rather, two), and Free People models would be another. Flip through any FP catalogue and you’ll be hit by a sudden wave of hair envy—an envy that might cause you to do strange things in the eyes of others, like immediately purchase a can of Oribe’s Texturizing Spray ($42) and vehemently spray it into your hair, screaming, COME OUT, WAVES, I KNOW YOU’RE HIDING THERE SOMEWHERE! (To which we say spray on, girl. Spray on.)

Thus, when we got a chance to pick the brain of hairstylist Thomas Hintermeier, the man behind the so-chic-it-hurts topknots in Free People’s July catalog, we grabbed our (clear, no-crease) hair elastics and gave him our full attention. Because, trust us, mastering the perfect messy topknot is harder than you might think. Too polished, and you look like a prima donna past her prime. Too messy, and you look like you woke up like that—and not in an attractive, Beyoncé-like way. Lucky for you, you’ll now be able to find the perfect balance between the two—keep scrolling for Hintermeier’s tips!