The Best Mermaid Makeup Tutorials From YouTube

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At some point in all lives, we may have fantasized about being a mermaid for a day, or even a lifetime, really. There's something so effortless and enchanting about these mythical aquatic creatures that deem a blissful life under the sea and, at times, even on dry land. If mermaid vibes are what you're seeking, we have great news. Ahead, we've rounded up some magical mermaid makeup tutorials that are sure to make your mermaid dreams come true. Spoiler alert: They are really easy and fun!

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Pink Mermaid Dreams

Transform yourself into the pink mermaid of your dreams with this tutorial that emphasizes shimmery finishes and soft gills. Use pink-toned eyeshadow or blush like this Dior Backstage Rosy Glow Blush ($37) for the eyes and cheeks, and define eyes with thick winged eyeliner. Using a small piece of fishnet fabric, blend purple tones on top to create chic gills using a sponge and lightly tapping over the fishnet until you are pleased. This is as complicated as the tutorial gets, which is actually quite easy to do on your own, we promise!

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Glisten and Gleam Mermaid

For this glittery mermaid makeup look, you can apply natural tones and bring in the fun with pastel bluish-green glitter. What makes this tutorial effortless is there's no pressure to complete a ton of steps; you can add glitter to a natural makeup look, and you're good to go. Applying the glitter under the eyes and over the brows takes this look to the next level instantly, not to mention how pretty it looks. LemonheadSpacepaste Glitter in Private School ($22) is a great option for this look since it's so easy to apply on the face. Since the main emphasis is on the eyes, wearing a nude and natural lip color helps keep the focus there and creates a nice, balanced finish.

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Mermaid Sparkle

Iridescent glitter, highlighter, and gemstones make up the main portion of this mermaid makeup look, paired with natural and dewy skin. This look is beachy, so feel free to incorporate bronze and golden tones on the face to really get your glow on. Nars The Multiple Stick in South Beach ($39) will add an instant bronzy glow and can be used on top of foundation as your highlight. If you like the fishnet technique, apply highlighter over a piece of fishnet fabric on the cheeks until you get the desired glow. This is a low-key way to create more natural-looking gills that don't require intensive labor. Apply liquid glitter eyeliner and gemstones to the eyes until you're satisfied with your level of sparkle.

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Glamorous Mermaid

Iridescent blue and purple eyeshadow tones blended on the eyelids create a colorway perfect for mermaid makeup inspiration—and topping the lids with glitter starts to really bring in the glam. This eyeshadow palette from Juvia's Place has a nice selection of blue and purple if you're looking for different options. Apply iridescent glitter and rhinestones to look like scales on the cheekbones and above the eyebrows. Take the makeup to your shoulders and chest if you prefer, adding shimmer to the collarbone and shoulders.

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Metallic Mermaid Makeup

The focus of this metallic mermaid look is solely on the eyes and looks lovely with fresh, clean skin. Think of this as a touch of mermaid glam using jewel-toned shadows on the eyes. Metallic green and blue eyeshadow give a gorgeous base for the eyes, and brows are brushed up to create more definition. Liner is applied to the outer corners of the eyes and under extended out to a soft wing-shape, and a soft golden highlight is applied to the inner corners of the eyes to enhance and brighten. Skin can be as soft and natural as you want it to be. Don't forget to set your look with a long-lasting setting spray—Charlotte Tilbury's Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray ($35) sets makeup for up to 16 hours.

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