These Mermaid Hair Colors Are a Work of Art

Updated 10/15/18

Mermaid-inspired hair colors have been trending for a while now, and come Halloween season, the fervor only seems to escalate. After all, the costume idea continues to be one of the most consistently searched on the internet. (Trust us, we receive the inside scoop on these things directly from trusted sources like Pinterest.) Alas, while you might have your mermaid hairstyle and makeup down pat, or at least in the works, adjusting your hair color to under-the-sea perfection is the cherry on top to achieve the ultimate finned masterpiece of a look this Halloween.

Luckily for you, we totally have your back. Once you've decided on your undulating style of choice, we recommend sifting through the below 13 shade options to seal the mystical deal. Truly, the sky (or should we say bottomless depths of the sea?) is the limit when it comes to mermaid-perfect hair colors. Read on for inspiration. We've got styles and colors aplenty.  

Sparkling Garnet

If you're looking for a color that still veers more natural, we love the versatility of Lucy Hale's lovely shade of garnet. So much, in fact, we think we'd continue to wear it even after we've shed our fins. 

Loch Ness Lilac

Despite what Instagram and Pinterest might want you to think, you don't need naturally long length or pounds of extensions to pull off the ultimate mermaid-perfect hair color this Halloween. We love Keke Palmer's pop of lilac, which has a touch of fantasy to it. 

Rainbow Fish

Can't decide on just one (or two or three) colors? Why not swim full speed ahead and try a rainbow-striped vibe out for size? Bonus points for braids aplenty and whimsical touches of flora

Glittering Magenta

If you have a flair for fiery, this hot hue of magenta is kind of like Ariel's signature shade of crimson. Except, if we say so ourselves, a heck of a lot cooler. 

Electric Coral

However, if you do want to follow Ariel's trademark shade of red almost exactly, we think we've found a match with this gorgeous shade. 

Speckled Blueberry

Ombré hair is still going strong, and honestly, the technique just screams mermaid. You can achieve the look with any collection of mermaid-inspired hair colors, but we're especially partial to the nuance of blues and purples. 

Gilded Haze

Not quite goldenrod, not quite blonde, not quite orange, this sunset-esque hue has us transfixed. And yes, we think it would make for the perfect mermaid hair color. 

Stormy Plum

For a step in the subtle yet still-sultry direction, this moody, inky shade of plum looks like it came straight from deep, dark depths of the ocean. 

Royal Purple

Love the idea of purple hair? Make the prospect even brighter with highlights of electric blue. It's less expected (and far more mermaid-appropriate) than just straight purple. Although that would, of course, be enchanting as well. 

Murky Mauve

Rose-gold hair has had a major moment in the past few years, but to keep things a little edgier for Halloween season, the ashiness of this shade of mauve seems just a little more superior. Plus, it's kind of great for fall, in general—not just your typical Halloween festivities. 

Iridescent Scales

A little silver, a little blue, a little purple… We can't help but compare this shimmering shade to the flash of mermaid's scale-adorned tale. 


The thought of green is nice for fit-for-a-mermaid hair, but the thought of an entire head of green hair can also be a tad intimidating. This spell-binding graduation from navy roots to aquamarine to bright lime feels (maybe?) more manageable and (completely) fantastical. 

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