I Use My Beauty Routine to Cope With Mental Illness

I’ve never read the word schizophrenia in a makeup article before, but those two subjects both happen to be a huge part of how I present myself to the world. Lipstick isn’t just something that defines my thin lips; it is a piece of my treatment.

There are plenty of ways that schizophrenia makes me stand out from other people—being a voice hearer, having paranoia and social anxiety: These aren’t exactly things most people are used to dealing with. So personally, I’m not in the market for products that will make me more of the center of attention. Individuality is great and all, but my goal is simply to be someone others see as “put together.” For someone who deals with so many stereotypes, feeling like you “fit in” often just feels like a relief.

It is almost cliché to say that makeup is a mask between myself and the world, but on days where I am suffering from extreme anxiety, that is true.