19 Unisex Jewelry Brands That Prove Precious Metals Are for Everyone

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First of all, anyone can wear anything, so all jewelry is inherently unisex. With that being said, jewelry brands marketed as unisex and for men are in the middle of a major, long-awaited revolution—a gleaming departure from quotidian chains and tired leather bracelets into a whole world of possibility. Pearls, bold signet rings, powerful metals, hand-sculpted forms, elongated single earrings, and bright gemstones are all at the forefront of this new era, and we couldn't be more excited.

No matter how a brand markets itself, it's important to remember that jewelry is genderless, and it’s never too late to begin wearing it. The increase in men's and unisex jewelry brands simply means more options are available to fit every aesthetic, making it a great time to hunt for a few new pieces if your style could use a special finishing touch.

More than any other form of adornment, jewelry is immune to trend cycles—and as such, it’s a worthy investment. A good jewelry piece can transform the most simple outfits into noteworthy ensembles, elevate your daily uniform, and accentuate your personal style. It can also hold special significance by marking meaningful moments, beliefs, and relationships.

Ready to take your accessories game to the next level and find your next favorite statement? Ahead, learn about 19 of the best unisex and men's jewelry brands, complete with some of our favorite pieces from each.


Italian house Panconesi is creating a new jewelry "language" where tradition, disruption, art, fashion, tradition, and innovation meet. Each piece is designed to be a cherished object that pays homage to archaeology, myth, the natural world, modern alchemy, and ancient constellations. Designer Marco Panconesi has worked with top-tier houses including Givenchy, Balenciaga, Mulberry, Mugler, Peter Pilotto, Fendi, and Swarovski, and his vast experience is evident in his namesake line.

Mateo New York

Montego Bay, Jamaica-born artist Matthew Harris launched Mateo in 2009 as a line of men’s jewelry inspired by work tools. His minimalist metal pieces serve as perfect everyday staples: Each piece is refined, without being too precious. Harris has received great recognition: He was a 2018 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist, and his pieces are featured and sold at the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History & Culture and Hirshhorn Museum of Contemporary Art.

Spinelli Kilcollin

The endlessly cool Los Angeles-based Spinelli Kilcollin is a cult favorite. The brand's visionary, circle-centric designs are bold statement pieces and forever keepsakes. Whether you want a simple band, a custom piece, an engagement or wedding ring, or a diamond-encrusted multi-finger design, Spinelli Kilcollin has—or can create—something meaningful for everyone. Headed by a real-life couple, the brand creates future classics that have something magical about them.

Martine Ali

Inspired by vintage MTV style, hip-hop fashion, and her upbringing in the late '90s, Brooklyn-based designer Martine Ali creates jewelry for some of the biggest names in music. Her line is a go-to source for cuban-link chains, dog tag necklaces, and heavy metal links that can quickly become part of your daily uniform.

Luis Morais

Each Luis Morais piece is one-of-a-kind and handmade. The designs are playful, and each piece features fine materials including gold, diamonds, and precious gemstones. The designs celebrate juxtaposition: Think contrasting notes of playful humor and darkness, symbols of numerous religions and cultures, conversations between history and modernity, and the melding of natural occurrences and handwork.


Unsurprisingly, this luxury house, which has become well-known as a center of maximalist inspiration for all genders and aesthetics, has a plethora of covetable pieces. It’s a go-to for thick mixed metals, iconic sculptural representations of flora and fauna, and logo bands. Harry Styles’ bold, beloved H.S. initial rings and his infamous lion ring are all by Gucci—enough said.

Tom Wood

A great starting point for anyone taking their first steps into the gorgeous world of jewelry, Tom Wood’s collection is straightforward in a good way. The line features a host of simple, polished chains, bands, and hoop earrings.


Every piece in FoundRae’s collection of totems and narrative modern heirlooms is intended to become part of the wearer's signature style. The distinctive, detailed pieces feature archetypal mythological and recognizable symbols, including shields, compass, and hearts. FoundRae has an impressive selection of charms—all of which have meaning—and simple gold chains.


Mexico City-based Varon aims to preserve and honor the traditional meaning of body adornment. Designer Aaron Changpo fuses attention to craftsmanship with his longstanding fascination with the history and meanings of various stones and metals. The modern pieces are perfect accoutrements to a T-shirt and jeans uniform.

AI Studios

Alex Irani, Kevin Ambrose Gray, and Kieva Dvashe believe that through the meditation of manual labor, anything is possible. Their raw, industrial, and at times brutalist work demonstrates the value of handcrafting over commercial manufacturing. The team creates custom pieces for clients, and their Boise brick-and-mortar doubles as a high-end gallery for other artists. AI Studios' innovative heavy metal pieces have made it to the Met Gala and been worn by artists including Miguel, Lady Gaga, Nicolas Cage, and Shawn Mendes.


Summertime, the island lifestyle, surf movies, freedom, hedonism, nostalgia, club culture, and the relaxed playfulness of sun-soaked adventures inspire Santangelo. The handmade pieces shine with the help of pearls, shells, glass beads, precious stones, and mixed metals. We can envision Evan Mock in these.

Bleue Burnham

This London-based Bleue Burnham emphasizes meaning and creates an aesthetic fusion of naturalism and classic, luxurious elegance. It's a great source for sculptural forms of bright, rich golds and shining precious gemstones.

Le Gramme

Each simple, timeless metal work from Le Gramme is named by its weight in grams. These are ideal first investment pieces for anyone, as all are distinctive, classic, and minimalist.

Legier LA

Legier LA takes inspiration from Californian mid-century painting and post-minimalist art. The sharp metal lines of its pieces contrast with natural stones to pay homage to 1960s and '70s land art. All of the inlaid jewelry is designed and made in Los Angeles, and Legier works with local, family-run businesses to collect responsibly sourced gemstones. The classic stone signet rings are an artful, colorful twist on the all-metal signet.

Bernard James

Bernard James translates abstract concepts and natural elements—think branches, mushrooms, and flowers—into elegant, timeless jewelry. Every piece is handmade in New York City using traditional methods, with an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship.

Maria Black

A constantly evolving and extensive line of contemporary jewelry, Maria Black has an inclusive ethos centered around personal style and encourages wearers to make the collection their own. This brand is a great source for both everyday pieces and colorful, playful statements.

Mass Gold

Based in London, Mass Gold creates bespoke, distinctive works from ethically sourced precious stones and metals. Stephelle, the designer, has a background in sculpture and lost wax casting, and both are apparent in the work. Themes of destruction, raw aesthetics, and luxurious mangling are at the forefront of the collection.


In the 16th and 17th centuries, royal and noble men across the world frequently wore pearls, then considered to be the most precious form of jewelry. In recent years, polished pearls have again become a staple accessory—they’ve appeared on several runways including those of Dior and Gucci, and have become signature pieces for artists including Harry Styles, A$AP Rocky, Timothée Chalamet, Shawn Mendes, Billy Porter, Jaden Smith, Machine Gun Kelly, the Jonas Brothers. and many more. You can now find gorgeous pearl jewelry from vintage collections and countless contemporary brands, and Mikimoto is a great starting point.

David Yurman

David Yurman’s son is injecting the house’s men’s line with fresh, thoughtful takes—think classic pieces such as tag necklaces and signet rings, infused with a dose of confidence and rich sparkle. If you’re browsing the Yurman website, make sure to look at the women’s collection as well to check out all your options.

The Final Takeaway

Note that, as a rule, all jewelry is for everyone. If you have your eye set on a ring that’s only available in a women’s size run, find out what your size converts to or inquire about a custom piece. Necklaces and earrings should work for anyone.

Acquiring your first pieces may feel daunting, so begin with simple, timeless pieces—or jump in and immerse yourself in the glistening world of precious stones, hand-forged forms, and luminous mixed metals. Have fun with jewelry and let it be symbolic, meaningful, and essential.

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