I Used Only Men's Products for a Week (and Survived to Tell All)

I’ve been known to steal a men’s razor or a particularly intoxicating cologne from time to time, but never have I ever even considered trading my beloved blond-enhancing shampoo, sweet-smelling body wash, or (gasp!) gentle detergent-free face wash for anything with the word “men” printed on it. But as a beauty editor, I get to try all sorts of things I never thought I would. Naturally, at first I was hesitant. But then that got me thinking… What exactly was I hesitant about? Skin is skin. Hair is hair. Is my skin really that different than a guy’s? Which then got me thinking about why men’s product lines even exist—are they really necessary? Are the specific needs really that different? With all these questions in mind, I packed away my color-toning conditioner and snagged some beard oil.

Scroll through for all the dirty details on my week using only men’s grooming products!