What Do Men Really Think About Cat-Eye Liner? The Hilarious Truth, Revealed

When it comes to makeup, we firmly believe that every woman should wear whatever the hell she wants—whether it’s a (faux) bare face or shimmery brown shadow with a pop of purple lipstick (hear, hear!). After all, we love makeup for its ability to transform and act as the utmost form of self-expression.

That being said, it’s always interesting to find out what the opposite sex thinks of our choices—not because we’d ever change, but because their answers often reveal the deep, innermost workings of the male psyche. Fine, mainly just because they tend to be really funny. So we polled 13 guys and asked them for their thoughts on one of our greatest loves: cat-eye liner. The results? Hilarity (and some surprises) all around. Keep scrolling to see their answers!