This Is the Vitamin C Serum That Hollywood Insiders Swear By

As far as individual skincare ingredients go, we have a deep love for vitamin C. It has antioxidant powers, which means it protects against pollution and free radicals (and thus the signs of aging that stem from them) while brightening and turning up the glow on our complexions. It seems like other people agree since it was one of the biggest trends in Pinterest searches last year.

We've tried many vitamin C serums and found quite a few favorites, but now there's a new one on our radar. It comes from renowned esthetician Melanie Simon, founder of Ziip Beauty, a company that creates an electrical skincare device to encourage collagen and elastin production in the skin. Now she's channeled her anti-aging know-how into a new namesake skincare line. The first product, the aforementioned vitamin C serum, is already beloved by some of Hollywood's elite.