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Milwaukee, Wisconsin


  • Montclair State University


  • Fashion
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Meguire Hennes began working in the editorial industry during her freshman year of college and since has had over 100 articles published in notable publications like Bustle, Elite Daily, The Zoe Report, NYLON, and more. After discovering her obsession with online trends in the beauty and fashion realm, she began covering TikTok and Instagram trends for Bustle. Along with freelance writing and editing, she is the copy editor at The Everygirl.


While studying the history of fashion and journalism at Montclair State University and leading a college-level publication, Meguire worked to strengthen her byline, interning at Her Campus and Bustle Digital Group, pitching and writing for publications like Bustle, Elite Daily, The Zoe Report, NYLON, Her Campus, and more. It was through those incredible opportunities that she discovered a passion for true, authentic, personalized editorial journalism. Driven by her passion for research, interviewing, and sharing unique stories with a touch of Gen Z humor (which her readers have resonated with greatly), Meguire is now a college graduate, establishing herself as a devoted writer, editor, and creator. Meguire has been writing for Byrdie since fall 2022.


Meguire holds a B.A. in fashion studies and journalism from Montclair State University.

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