You Have to See Meghan Markle With Her Natural Curly Hair

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Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement was announced, her name has been pretty much everywhere. We get it—people are curious about the American actress turned member of the British Monarchy. Everything from her fashion sense to her beauty routine has been analyzed to death (in fact, she's even started to influence certain cosmetic surgery trends).

It's no surprise then that people would wonder about her natural hair. Is it always that sleek or does she have a head of curls hiding under those streamlined waves? According to PopSugar, one Markle fan undertook a mission to find out. And find out they did. A collage of images of the actress sporting what appears to be her natural, beautiful curls was posted on social media, and it has since gone viral. Keep scrolling to see Meghan Markle with her naturally curly hair.

Television host and Twitter user Kamie Crawford uncovered several images of Markle's natural curls. If you click on through on her Twitter post, you'll see two photos of Markle from back in her high school days when she attended an all girl's Catholic school in Los Angeles. Her hair, which nowadays seems to be perpetually straight, was full and gorgeously curly.

We think Markle looks beautiful with her hair both curly and straight. How someone wears their hair is personal and up to them. With that being said, it would be pretty epic to see Markle rock her natural hair more often because, first off, she represents African American women, and second, it would open up a new avenue of major representation for all the Black girls out there. 

If you're wondering how, exactly, Meghan Markle gets her locks so straight when they are naturally quite coiled, you're in luck—her hair, makeup, and skincare routines have been obsessively documented since before the royal wedding. Theonie Kakoulli, a stylist who has worked with Markle at the Nicky Clarke salon in London, opened up to PEOPLE about the treatment responsible for her signature look.

“Meghan came to see me at least twice for keratin treatments," Kakoulli told the publication. “It’s great for people with naturally curly hair like Meghan, it takes the frizz out and makes it more manageable—she said it made a real difference.”

Since keratin treatments are both expensive and time-consuming, we'll just be here copying the quick beauty hack Markle does each day in order to make her skin and eyes look more awake.

Head over to PopSugar to see the full article. Then, see 31 women of color share their most personal natural hair stories.

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