Meghan Markle Doing Her Makeup in an Uber Is Seriously Impressive

Anyone who's ever applied eyeliner or mascara while commuting has a superpower, whether they know it or not. Between bumps in the road, stop-and-go traffic, and all the other joys of being a passenger in a bustling city, applying a full face of makeup on the road (or on the tracks) is a skill we all deserve to list on our LinkedIns. For the most part, the prowess is reserved for laypeople, though. Celebrities and tastemakers have their own glam squad to perfect their looks before they step in their cars. But recently, Brides resurfaced a 2016 video of Meghan Markle—in partnership with Uber and Bobbi Brown—artfully "retouching" her makeup with Brown's Retouching stick products, perfect for when you're running between meetings and events. 

Up next, take a look at Markle's jaw-defining facial you can perform on yourself at home.

Opening Image: Getty Images