Meghan Markle Has Been Doing Her Own Makeup During Her Ireland Tour

Updated 07/16/18
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Meghan Markle Ireland tour makeup

We've been watching Meghan Markle pretty closely throughout her Ireland tour, and not just because her hair always looks effortlessly chic and her outfits are completely envy-inducing. We've also been paying close attention to her makeup. We know she's a fan of a soft smoky eye, and it turns out that during this trip, she's done her makeup herself—and she looks absolutely flawless. 

As reported in Elle, the news aired when her makeup artist, Daniel Martin posted the picture of Meghan and Prince Harry (above) with the caption "Can we say my love #Meghanmarkle looking #chic in [Dior] today!' which led his followers to praise him for his makeup skills. One commented asking: "I guess you're here in London. How long are you here @danielmartin? I'd love to see you." To which he replied: "I'm not. She beat that mug herself. But I wish I was there though!." So, as it turns out, the man responsible for her wedding day look isn't actually with her on the tour, and the Duchess of Sussex has been flying solo. 

meghan markle tour makeup: Meghan Markle During UK Tour

She kept to her neutral palette of browns and pink hues with a soft brown smokey eye, nude lip and dusty rose blush. We know that she's a fan of quick makeup since she told Allure in 2014 that she's perfected a five-minute face. Among her go-to products are cult favourite Touche Éclat (£26), curled lashes, mascara, lip balm and a bit of blush. She also told Allure that to amp things up at night she uses MAC's Eye Khol in Teddy (£15). Now, we don't have proof, but judging from her looks during this tour, we'd say it's a pretty safe bet she's been reverting back to her finely honed five-minute face—and it's working. 

Shop some of Meghan's favourite products below and a blush we think would get her seal of approval. 

MAC Cosmetics Eye Khol in Teddy
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Do you have a five-minute face? Come tell us in The British Beauty Line. 

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