Meghan Markle Uses This Herbal Practice for Clear Skin and Good Health

When wellness enthusiasts like Gwyneth Paltrow and Natalie Portman endorse a beauty brand, we take note. But, when there's a nod from a royal, you can bet your bee pollen that we're booking an appointment. Rumors swirled last week when Meghan Markle paid a secret visit to London-based wellness destination Ilapothecary, with the Prince in tow, and the internet went mad with speculation over what treatments the Duchess of Sussex could have booked.

Markle's love of holistic living has been well documented over the years. A devoted yogi (she gets up at 5 a.m. every day to stretch) since the age of seven, it seems that the California native is sticking to her roots despite her transatlantic move. "It may be a very California girl of me to always have my tinctures of holistic remedies. I travel with all sorts of little homeopathic medicine because it’s what’s familiar with me,” she previously confessed.

Although homeopathy has been around since the 1700s, the herbal practice is still popular, with over 500 million users worldwide—one of which is no other than Meghan's father-in-law Prince Charles, who admits to using homeopathic remedies on his, er, cows. “Homeopathy uses a like cure like approach,” says naturopathic doctor, Nigma Talib. “Where homeopathy is amazing is treating the root cause, not just the symptoms." So, it's no wonder Markle spent 90 minutes exploring Ilapothecary's healthy menu of "chakra-balancing, hands-on-healing to restore your nervous system and address any underlying issues or blockages to assist you to feel light, clear and happy." Using castor oil to assist in post-birth recovery (perfect for the mom-to-be) and a playlist of vibrations to attune the body "with the natural frequency of the universe," the Notting Hill New Age shop uses powerful remedial ingredients to counteract the stresses of being a modern-day royal. “Our products are infused with powerful remedial ingredients to counteract the stresses of modern living, environmental and digital pollution, mental stress and body fatigue,” the website states. But, for us, homeopathy could be the secret to healthy skin, a peaceful mind, and Markle-worthy wellness. Below, find the homeopathic remedies offered at the royal-approved destination, and why they're helpful as a part of your health, wellness, and beauty routine.


Soothing Silk Cleanser
ilapothecary Soothing Silk Cleanser $41

While the Duchess boasts some pretty flawless skin, it could be her love of going back to basics that attribute to her ever-elusive sparkle. “Most skin issues like acne, rosacea, and dry skin come from imbalances due to allergies, hormone imbalances, nutrition or dehydration,” Dr. Nigma tells us. “Homeopathic remedies can give you healthy, glowing skin by addressing the root cause and working on it at an energetic level.” Whether it's inflammation or those pesky hormonal outbreaks, homeopath, and author of Health in Theory and Practice, Steve Kippax, recommends getting your hands on sulfur for clear skin and shiny hair, silica for strong nails and graphites for dry, flaky complexions.


Feel a sniffle coming on? Homeopathy is well-known for its potent ingredients that possess the ability to nip symptoms in the bud and safeguard your body from intruding bugs. Stop sickness in its tracks with a little herbal help in the way of Ferrum Phosphoricum for a fever, Mercurius Vivus for a sore throat and Aconitum Napellus for the dreaded flu. "Gelsemium is great for headaches, heavy eyes, and post-viral tiredness with aching limbs and if you have a big presentation coming up, Arg. Nit is perfect to settle nerves," Kippax says.


Although homeopathy is great for stopping a cold before it gets into runny nose territory, it can also be used for struggles a little closer to home. Listed as a bereavement and disappointment remedy, Ignatia Amara can be a wonderful support during times of loss. Whether that's loss of a job, a broken heart, or the end of a friendship, it can provoke a release that aids moving on—but not before bringing all of those feelings to the surface first. So, maybe re-arrange that weekend brunch before exploring lost loves and potential emotional despair, in favor of a few quiet hours at home.

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