13 Times Meghan Markle Made Us Want to Copy Her Hairstyle

Being the Duchess of Sussex is no small feat. As you can imagine, all eyes are on Meghan Markle at all times. When you're married to a real-life prince, news is circulating about you 24/7. We can pretty much find almost every fun fact about Markle on the web that we want. But what's not talked about enough is her hair. I mean, can we all just take a moment to acknowledge that she is blessed with a gorgeous head of hair? Her thick, healthy, glossy locks look nearly perfect in just about every photo. 

Markle's hair was flourishing long before her Duchess days. She's experimented with different lengths and stunning styles worn off-duty and on the red carpet. From romantic curls to messy updos and pulled-together buns, Markle's mane makes her a bona fide hair icon. Scroll on for every style we've saved to our archives.