This Is the Very Simple Reason Meghan Markle's Brows Look So Damn Good

Meghan Markle eyebrows: Meghan Markle in 2018
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In recent weeks, we've uncovered the ins and outs of nearly every area of Meghan Markle's beauty routine, from the makeup products she swears by to the way she's opted to apply her own makeup on her wedding day. And we even indulged in a deep dive into her hair back catalogue. But now we've found out the reason why Meghan's brows look that good. It's all because she's channelling one of the greatest sets of brows to ever grace the planet: Audrey Hepburn's.

A regular of Nails and Brows salon in London's Mayfair, Markle turns to founder Sherille Riley for her brow upkeep. And when she's there, she always opts for The Audrey Brow. Rather than accentuating a natural arch, this brow treatment is all about carving a set of straight brows that lift ever so slightly at the end. Oddly enough, it gives the impression of fuller brows and does a great job of framing the eyes. To see the Riley's handiwork in action, start by taking a look at Meghan Markle's eyebrows a few years ago.

Meghan Markle brows: Meghan Markle's brows in 2006
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Just like the rest of us, Markle's brows were fairly sparse back in the day, but since visiting Riley for the past two years, you can see what a difference this straight brow look has made.

Meghan Markle eyebrows: Meghan Markle in 2018
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Of course, a little bit of filling in with an eyebrow pencil helps too, but getting the foundations right goes a long way in creating a set of structured brows. The £65 Audrey Hepburn treatment involves a mixture of tinting, threading and tweezing depending on the brows you have to start with and creates this super-natural flattering shape. ■

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