Megan Thee Stallion's 20 Best Hair Moments Prove She's a Total Hair Icon

megan thee stallion wearing pink and blue hair

@theestallion / @kellonderyck

Megan Thee Stallion isn't only a Hip-Hop star—she's a bonafide beauty star as well. From the moment the Houston rapper burst onto the scene, it was clear she had a passion for all things makeup and hair. In terms of the latter, Megan has hit the stage and red carpet wearing nearly every hairstyle and color imaginable. Case in point: She's worn voluminous caramel blonde coils to the Oscars, a Marilyn Monroe-inspired jet-black bob to the Grammys, and fiery red curls to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit. Needless to say, Megan is a constant source of hair inspo. Ahead, we've rounded up 20 of Megan Thee Stallion's best hair looks.

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Caramel Curls

megan thee stallion with caramel curly hair


Megan loves embracing her natural texture; lately, she's been rocking caramel curls with buttery blonde highlights. It's the perfect color and style for summer.

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Green Glitter Bob

megan thee stallion green glitter bob

@theestallion / @kellonderyck

Hairstylist Kellon Deryck is responsible for this gorgeous green glitter bob. The style features bold bangs that fall just above the eyes; however, the true star of this look is the shimmery green strands scattered throughout Megan's hair. You can easily recreate the glitter look using hair tinsel.

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Black and Blue Bangs

megan thee stallion wearing long black and blue hair

@theestallion / @kellonderyck

There are so many things to love about this look—from the black and blue bangs to the bedhead loose curls. Want to get the look without making a real color commitment? Use a temporary hair dye like L'Oreal Paris' Colorista Spray ($9).

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Slime Green and Black Ponytails

Megan Thee Stallion wearing lime green and black ponytails

@theestallion / @kellonderyck

Megan showed up to the 2021 Firefly Music Festival with spunky black and green high ponytails. The '90s-inspired, deep side swoop gives a classic flare to the look. The style was secured with Flawless Illusion Extreme Hold ($27) and Medium Brown Lace Tint Spray ($20)

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Bubblegum Ponytail

Megan Thee Stallion

@theestallion / @kellonderyck

Just'N Hedrick worked his color magic for this bubblegum-inspired look, creating a cool pink and blue mix. Deryck styled her hair in a high ponytail complete with a curly side bang.

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Voluminous Red Curls

megan thee stallion with big red hair

@theestallion / @kellonderyck

Two words capture this look: big and red. Megan's high-top Bumpit-style bun and face-framing bangs feel like an ode to the '60s and '70s.

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Sculpted Updo

megan thee stallion wearing a wavy updo

@theestallion / @kellonderyck

Megan Thee Stallion graced the 2022 Met Gala with a stunning sculptural bun. Deryck teamed up with Detroit-based hair sculptor Kristina Beaty to create the sleek waves and swirls shaping her updo.

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Spiky Bun

megan thee stallion wearing a red spiky bun

@theestallion / @kellonderyck

Spiky hair is a Y2K trend that has resurfaced, and we love Megan's take on the look. Deryck added four spikes to her sleek bun and completed the look with a dramatic side part.

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Pastel Rainbow

megan thee stallion wearing rainbow straight hair

@theestallion / @kellonderyck

In case you couldn't tell, Megan knows how to have fun with color. Here, Deryck created a pastel rainbow look on her using dye from Guy Tang's MyDentity line.

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Soft and Simple Bun

megan thee stallion wearing a cute messy bun

@theestallion / @kellonderyck

This messy bun is simple yet chic. The wispy, slightly curled front bangs pair perfectly with the soft, loosely tied bun. To recreate this look, tie your hair into a high ponytail. Then, lightly curl the ends of your hair and mold it into a dome-shaped bun. Loosely secure your strands with bobby pins.

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Zig-Zag Space Buns

megan thee stallion wearing space buns

@theestallion / @kellonderyck

Megan wore a short, curly bob with two space buns to Japan’s Summer Sonic Festival. Her zig-zag part gave the look an even more playful feel.

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Old Hollywood Waves

Megan Thee Stallion at 2021 MET gala

For her first Met Gala appearance in 2021, Megan opted for mesmerizing, old Hollywood waves. To achieve deep waves like this, it’s best to use a three-barrel curling iron like Amika's High Tide Beach Waver Curling Iron ($150).

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Icy Cascading Waves

megan thee stallion icy blue hair

@theestallion / @kellonderyck

Icy blue hair definitely suits Megan. We love how dynamic the coloring is on this unit—there's stunning blue tones mixed with white and gray.

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Seafoam Green Half-Up Half-Down

megan thee stallion wearing seafoam green hair

@theestallion / @kellonderyck

For her appearance on HBO Max's Legendary, Deryck created a Frozen-inspired hairstyle. The sculptural loops on her head are beautifully decorated with jewels, creating an enchanting half-up half-down look.

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Dalmation Bangs

megan thee stallion wearing dalmation-inspired bangs

@theestallion / @kellonderyck

The rapper’s Cruella De Vil-inspired outfit resulted in Dalmatian print bangs. Deryck and Hendrick worked together to create the unexpected half-blonde, half-black look.

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Bouncy Blowout

Megan Thee Stallion wearing brown bouncy blowout

@theestallion / @kellonderyck

Brown hair looks incredible on Megan, and this bouncy blowout shows it off well. You can use a medium to large barrel hair curler like T3 Twirl 360 Curling Iron ($230) to achieve a similar level of body.

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Fiery Red Half-Up Half-Down

megan thee stallion wearing red hair in a half up half down style

@theestallion / @kellonderyck

Red hair has been a buzzy hair color as of late, and Megan is putting her own spin on the trend. For the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit, Megan decided to rock fiery red curls in a half-up half-down style.

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Layers and Highlights

megan thee stallion wearing staight blue and black hair

@theestallion / @kellonderyck

This look feels like it's right out of the '90s. For this style, Deryck focused on adding layers and blue highlights.

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Corkscrew Braid

megan thee stallion wearing a long braid

@theestallion / @kellonderyck

Megan's corkscrew braid is elegant and eye-catching. Deryck finished the cascading style with braiding rope and swooped edges.

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Floor-Length Ponytails

megan thee stallion wearing long ponytails

@theestallion / @kellonderyck

These floor-length ponytails are super nostalgic and playful. Deryck used 60-inch bundles to achieve the dramatic length and accessorized them with oversized bubble hair ties.

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