Megan Fox's Star Sign Manicure Celebrates Taurus Season

She looked to her horoscope for inspiration.

Megan Fox wearing bun haircut
Getty Images.

Taurus season is just around the corner, and Megan Fox, a Taurus icon, knows just how to celebrate: with an astrology-themed manicure, of course. The actor is not afraid to take a risk with her nails and typically goes for bolder, edgier designs like her solid gold manicure, which stole the show on the Grammys red carpet, or her floating gem nails at the Oscars afterparty. While the aforementioned looks called on shimmer and shine, her most recent mani took more of a gothic direction.

On April 20, Fox's go-to nail artist, Brittney Boyce, shared a photo of the star's manicure. Fox's nails were long in a shape that sat somewhere between almond and stiletto. Her nails included a matte black base with white celestial symbols hand-painted onto each nail, including stars, a crescent moon, an evil eye, and of course, the horned Taurus symbol on her middle finger.

Megan Fox's Taurus nails


Fox is open about her love of witchy-adjacent things like crystals, astrology, and even drinking blood, so this mani is right up her alley. While the nail art could easily go into more fairy territory with lighter colors and shimmer, the black and white palette and matte finish keep it perfectly in line with Fox's edgy style.

To copy the look, you'll want to head to the salon unless you're an expert with a nail brush. Or, you could opt for a set of press-ons, like the imPress Zodiac Collection, which features art for every star sign. For another DIY option, paint your nails black and let them dry fully before popping on decals like the Deco Miami Zodiac stickers ($10), and seal them on with a matte topcoat. For a less literal approach, you can always try the galaxy nail trend for a look that's out of this world.

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