Megan Fox Went Pamela Anderson-Blonde for Halloween

Here are all the glam details.

Megan Fox with Pamela Anderson blonde hair


At this point, we’re going to need a written list of Megan Fox’s hair color switch-ups to keep track of them all. If you missed her Jessica Rabbit-red or “studious Targaryen”-platinum, no worries, because Fox just added a new shade to the list: Pamela Anderson-blonde, just in time for Halloween.

Megan Fox as Pamela Anderson

Megan Fox

On October 28, the Casamigos Halloween Party in Beverly Hills was packed to the brim with celebs. Stars in attendance included Kaia Gerber, Paris Hilton, Tyga, and, many more who dressed as their favorite fantasies this year. Megan Fox and her beau (or "boo?"), Machine Gun Kelly, made the guest list as well—as opposed to going for something spookier (which we honestly expected based on her recent blood-dripped manicure), Fox turned the dial back to the ‘90s and arrived dressed as Pamela Anderson.

A costume can either be an interpretation of the original source material or a complete replica—Fox went with a combination of both for her Pam Anderson get-up this year. Fox’s stylist, Maeve Reilly, dressed the star in a replica of the red and pink latex dress Anderson wore to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Grand Opening Party in Las Vegas in 1995. The dress was custom-made by LA Roxx, a go-to custom costume maker that celebrities love. (The brand also designed costumes for Hailey Bieber, Keke Palmer, and Kendall Jenner this year, as well as pieces for Taylor Swift’s "Bejeweled" music video).

Pam and Tommy in 1995


Fox paired the dress with clear acrylic sandals and a 2022-tinged French manicure, courtesy of her go-to nail artist, Brittney Boyce. Boyce used the Aprés Nail Gel-X Natural Stiletto Long Tips ($28) to create a modern stiletto shape, using the Aprés Nail Gel Primer ($9) to ensure maximum hold throughout the evening. Boyce then utilized the Aprés Nail Soft Gel Builder ($25) to add extra length to Fox’s digits before creating a classic French manicure.

Megan Fox French manicure


With “Pamela Anderson makeup” being one of the top trending makeup looks on TikTok this year, it’s only natural that Fox went full Pam with the help from celebrity makeup artist, Jenna Kristina. “Pam is an ultimate icon and babe,” Kristina explains in a statement. “I worked with some of my favorite NUDESTIX products to achieve this flawless look. A perfectly sculpted face, glowy skin and a juicy lip.” To create a matte, ‘90s base, Kristina first used the Blot and Blur Matte Primer Stick ($32) before evening out Fox’s complexion with the Tinted Cover Liquid Foundation 4 ($36) and the NUDEFIX Cream Concealer Shade 3 ($28).

A standout feature of Anderson’s makeup looks is her gorgeous bone structure, and Kristina sculpted Fox’s browbones and cheekbones to resemble the ‘90s icon with the Tinted Blur Sculpt Stick in Medium ($32). After that, Kristina used the Nudies Bloom Blush in Cherry Blossom Babe ($34) to add a flush to the star’s complexion and the Nudies Glow Highlighter Stick in Ice Ice Baby ($34) to emphasize the high points of Fox’s face.

Anderson’s eye look at the Hard Rock Hotel party was pretty subdued by today’s standards, so Kristina went in with the Magnetic Eyeshadow Pencil in Pink Seychelles ($26) to brighten up Fox’s minimal smokey eye before finishing the eyes off with a winged liner and a coat of mascara.

Finally, Kristina made use of a few lip products to recreate Anderson’s full, pouty lips. She used the Magnetic Matte Lip Color In Boho ($26) to overline Fox’s lips and then topped it off with the Lip Glace in Nude 6 ($28) to add fullness.

As for hair, Fox naturally teamed up with her longtime hairstylist, Dimitris Giannetos, who used a What Wigs? wig by Noah Scott to transform Fox into a bombshell blonde. Now, Pamela Anderson wore her hair in her iconic voluminous curls that ended right by her chest back in the day. Considering that Fox hasn’t had hair that short in years, Dimitris created tousled volume at the root and crown of Fox’s hair, while maintaining Fox’s preferred waist-length hair. Giannetos added in piece-y curls to resemble Anderson's, and, of course, face-framing bangs that blend seamlessly into the rest of Fox’s hair.

As Kristina puts it: “Megan was Pam with her own modern twist.” Sure, the star opted for an exact replica of the dress Anderson wore back in the day, but she added her own spice with winged liner, stiletto nails, and super lengthy hair. After all, even Megan asked in her own Instagram post about the ‘fit: “But are these even costumes?”

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