Megan Fox's Blood-Dripped Manicure Is the Perfect Halloween Inspo

'Jennifer's Body' vibes.

Megan Fox in a red hat with a bloody manicure

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is no stranger to gore, both on and off screen. Of course, there's her iconic roll in Jennifer's Body, and the confirmed fact that she and fiancé Machine Gun Kelly drank each other’s blood as part of his proposal. We can assume that it’s always spooky season for Fox, but with Halloween days away, we’re really enjoying her most recent gothy beauty look: a red French manicure with dripping blood tips.

Yesterday, we got a glimpse into what a day off looks like for the actress. In her latest Instagram post, she’s seen relaxing in a yard, swinging on a hammock, and reading a book titled Moon Spells—which couldn't possibly be more on brand. Instead of the usual sweats some might sport while lounging around, Fox wears a black mesh corset, black cargo pants, a cluster of both silver rings and necklaces, and a fuzzy burgundy bucket hat.

Her glam includes a sharp wing—one of Fox’s go-to eye looks—paired with a pouty nude lip and well-groomed brows. The star of her beauty routine, however, is her manicure, which features pale pink almond-shaped nails that appear to be dripping in blood at the tips. Her pink base is reminiscent of the pink almond-shaped nail that have been trending, but offers a Fox-esque take on the traditional French manicure. Her maroon tips make it appear as though Fox just had her hands in the blood that’s now trickling down her nailbeds.

 Whether you love her or not, you have to admit that this is a fabulous take on a spooky look and is fitting for the upcoming holiday. Luckily, other than the more intricate nail designs we’ve seen this year (specifically by Fox’s fiancée), this mani is pretty easy to recreate.

First, you can start off by filing your nails in a pointed almond shape like Fox’s (or choose whichever shape with which you’re most comfortable). After that, go in with a base coat, and then apply two coats of a light pink color. Then, grab a maroon nail polish and use a nail art brush to create droopy lines that start at the end of your nail and “trickle” toward the base of your nail (near the cuticle). You’ll want to fill in these lines with two coats of maroon nail polish to ensure that the color pops. Then, finish the look off with a top coat, and you have nails fitting for your upcoming Halloween activities.

But there’s no reason to only sport this manicure during October, with Fox herself proving that spooky season is any season, as long as you believe it yourself. So, you can wear this with vampire skin on the 31st, or save this as inspo for whenever you’re in the mood to amp up the creepy vibes in your look.

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