Megan Fox Debuted a Blonde Bob With Blunt Bangs

It's the shortest her hair's been in years.

Megan Fox with a blonde bob haircut and bangs

Megan Fox

Even though we’re just a month into the new year, it’s official: 2023 is the year of the bob. Of course, Hailey Bieber had the buzziest bob, unveiling a blunt Margot Tenenbaum-inspired cut, and Lizzo hopped onto the trend with a shaggy peekaboo bob. Jenna Ortega and Lily James both debuted their bobs at the 2023 Golden Globes, solidifying the trend.

However, the most shocking bob reveal of all was on someone we thought would never rock short hair: Megan Fox. On January 27, the star shared a series of photos on her Instagram stories donning a caramel blonde tiramisu hair color, along with bangs and a long bob.  

In the photos, Fox is seen inside what could be either a trailer or a tour bus (you never know which it is when dealing with an actress who has a musician boo). She wore two cozy ‘fits: the first comprised of a green tank with a black sweater overtop, and the second included a grey jacket with a zip front. In both photos, she rocked a subtle glam with wispy lashes and a glossy nude lip.

megan fox bob


But back to the hair. The first thing that made us make a double take was Fox’s overgrown Birkin bangs. Celebs have been sporting micro bangs, side bangs, and piecey bangs lately, so it makes sense that with a new hair makeover, Fox is joining in on the face-framing trend.

Furthermore, Fox is best known for her dark black hair, which was her staple even back in the 2000s, when she starred in movies like Jennifer’s Body and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. However, lately she's been playing with different shades like “Targaryen hair” for Fashion Week in September 2022, “Pamela Anderson blonde” for Halloween, and Jessica Rabbit-red hair just because. 

That being said, thanks to the extreme length, her experiments with other colors have always looked, well, experimental. However, her new blonde shade, featuring caramel ends and dark roots, is the most realistic shade of blonde she’s worn lately and is great inspo for anyone looking to go lighter, whether they’re on their way to a red carpet event or off to their 9-5.

And last but not least, one key feature that tied all of Fox’s previous looks together was her hair’s length which reached almost to her hip bones. Fox hasn’t publicly rocked short hair in years, and her consignment of a lob-length hairstyle proves that, yes, bobs are here to stay—even for those we never thought would rock short hair.

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