Megan Fox Used TikTok's Favorite Complexion Booster to Get Her BBMAs Glow

Her makeup artist gave us all of the exclusive details.

Megan Fox BBMAs


At this point, we’re pretty much convinced that nothing can upstage Megan Fox on a red carpet.

Case in point: the actress’s appearance on the BBMAs carpet last night. Fox turned every head when she showed up in a stunning cutout Mugler dress, accompanied by her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly, who was sporting an inky black tongue for the occasion (yes, you read that right). And while MGK’s hand-painted tongue had everyone talking last night, it was Fox’s sultry golden glam that was still fresh on our minds this morning.

To find out how Fox achieved her eye-catching makeup, we turned to the expert behind the look: celebrity makeup artist Monika Blunder. Ahead, get all the exclusive details on Fox’s glam, including the viral complexion booster that’s responsible for her glowing skin.

Megan Fox BBMAs

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Blunder says the makeup look was inspired by Fox’s jaw-dropping criss-cross gown. “When I saw her dress, I immediately thought, sexy, glowing, cat eye makeup,” she told Byrdie exclusively. Since the dress was the focal point of the look, Blunder also wanted the glam to look “classic and timeless.” 

The makeup artist, who also works with stars like Gemma Chan and Jessica Alba, says the secret to a flawless red carpet look is actually more about skincare than makeup. “My goal is always to have my client look as natural as possible,” says Blunder. “The key is to really get the skin right.”

To prep Fox’s skin for the BBMAs, Blunder started off by applying the cult-favorite Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask ($22) to hydrate and lift. Then, she gave Fox a mini facial massage to improve circulation, increase blood flow, and reduce any puffiness.

Blunder then primed her skin with Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream ($100), an award-winning moisturizer that she’s “obsessed” with. “It gives skin the right texture and glow before any makeup application,” she says. As the final skincare step, she prepped Fox’s lips with Charlotte's Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir ($40). “I always prep the lips beforehand so that the product has time to sink in before I apply lipstick,” she explains.

Next, she gave Fox a full-face of makeup using exclusively Charlotte Tilbury products. “Red carpet makeup is tricky because it has to look good in person and in photos,” she says. “Choosing the right foundation is key, and I tend to use less powders because I want to keep that natural-looking glow.”

Charlotte Tilbury makeup


The first product Blunder applied is the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter ($44), a multi-tasking hybrid that, thanks to TikTok, is almost as famous as the faces that line the red carpet. The product, described as a “complexion booster” by the brand, is not exactly a primer or a foundation but can be used as either. It makes frequent appearances in viral TikToks, with users praising the natural yet glowy coverage it offers. In one popular review, a user says the Flawless Filter is one of the secrets celebrity makeup artists rely on for red carpet looks—a statement we’re convinced is true after seeing Fox’s BBMA glow.

After applying the Flawless Filter in shade 3, Blunder went in with the Airbrush Flawless Foundation ($44) in shade 7.5W for added coverage, and the Magic Away Concealer ($32) in shade 3 to brighten her under-eyes. To accentuate Fox’s glow, she then applied the Airbrush Matte Bronzer ($55) in shade 3, and finished off her complexion with a touch of the Cheek to Chic Blush ($40) in Pillow Talk, a nude pink hue inspired by Charlotte Tilbury’s iconic lipstick shade. 

To give Fox a sultry eye look, Blunder first used the Pillow Talk Instant Eye Palette ($75) to smoke out her eyes. Next, came the cat-eye, which Blunder notes “had to be perfect, crisp, and sharp.” The Feline Flick Eyeliner ($30) in Panther made her job easy, she says, since “it literally just glides on the skin.” A few coats of the Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Mascara ($29) finished off the eyes. 

As for Fox’s iconic angular brows, Blunder went in and defined them using two new Charlotte Tilbury products: Brow Cheat ($34) in Medium Brown and Brow Fix ($23).

To get defined brows like Fox's, shape them with a pencil in front of a regular mirror first, and then tweeze in a magnifying mirror. 

Finally, Blunder topped off the makeup look with a pouty pink lip. She outlined Fox’s lips with a warm berry liner—Lip Cheat ($22) in Pillow Talk Medium—before filling them in with matching lipstick—the Matte Revolution Lipstick ($34), also in Pillow Talk Medium. To ensure Fox’s glam lasted through the entire ceremony—and through some red carpet PDA featuring the previously mentioned black tongue—Blunder set the makeup with a hydrating spritz of the Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray ($35).

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

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While the season of nonstop awards ceremonies is coming to an end, we’re sure Fox and MGK will keep us talking with plenty of other PDA-packed appearances this summer. Here’s hoping they feature more dreamy makeup looks from her, and more dramatic goth glam from him.

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