Meet Your New Evening Makeup

Two seasons ago, makeup artist Peter Philips covered the models’ eyelids with gold leaf at Fendi. This season, he threaded gold leaf into their lashes for a flicker of light as each walked the opulent runway at Dries Van Noten. I wouldn’t recommend trying either at home. I would, however, suggest indulging your inner golden girl with Stila’s new Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadows ($32).

The tightly packed shadows come in a range of shades, from deep burgundy to forest green (including Stila favorite, Kitten!), each with a tiny bottle of Stay All Day Liquid Eye Shadow Primer and a flat silver dish in which to mix the two. You can skip the primer and press the dry powder onto your lids for a spackled effect—you won’t have much control over it, but the final effect is pretty spectacular. Or, you can add a drop of the primer to the powder for a creamy consistency that you’ll want to paint on with a brush. Warning: it dries immediately, and doesn’t come off easily (though once you see it on, you probably won’t want to take it off). Needless to say, you’ll want load up on mascara and keep the rest of your face quite bare. And if anyone asks, yes, that is gold leaf on your lids.