The 6 Mid-Length Hairstyles Everyone Wants to Wear Right Now

Braids, waves, ponytails, topknots; the hairstyle options for mid-length hair are truly endless, so it's little surprise that the middle is where most hair lovers want to be. Enough length to be creative, enough body to add oomph… yet not quite so long that drying and styling takes an age.

Oh yes, the mid-lengths might well be the promised land of hair. But even still, everyone needs a little refresh from time to time. So if you’ve been pinning your locks in the same way for months (or dare we say it—years!), it's time to embrace the fresh and the new.

Luckily, we’ve rounded up a brilliant new batch of gorgeous hairstyles ideal for mid-length locks. Keep scrolling for the covetable looks that’ll see you through the season in style.

The Clipped Retro Wave

Getty/Mireya Acierto

Update your old Hollywood waves à la Cara Delevingne by adding visible clips to keep one side off your face. The bolder the better, as hair accessories were all over the A/W 16 runways.

Tip: Get a smooth finish by spraying a little hairspray onto a toothbrush, and using it to tame flyaways or frizz around the crown.

The Elegant Loop

Getty/Alberto E. Rodriguez

If you’re a die-hard ponytail lover, try Sarah Hyland’s quick and easy update. Pull your locks into a low pony, and then using a second hair tie, do the same again, stopping mid-way to create the loop.

Tip: Leave one section free before you create the loop, and wrap it around the base like Sarah, to disguise your hair tie. Secure it underneath with hair pins to keep everything secure.

The Super Relaxed Pony

Getty/George Pimentel

Chloë Grace Moretz is a girl after our own hearts when it comes to glamming up casual hair. This messed-up take on the red carpet pony (see below for more detail) is brilliant for work and drinks alike.

Tip: To stop your pony slipping out or looking flat, the key is to add plenty of texture first by working a salt spray through your hair, and then giving it a blast with a hair dryer to seal it all in.

Getty/Tara Ziemba

The Tuck and Roll

Getty/Karwai Tang

Emily Blunt’s mid-length locks are ranking pretty high amongst our faves right now, not least because she’s a pro at showing off the versatility of a medium length chop.

This tuck and roll ’do (see below for the back view) is classic of Emily's polished style, but is actually far easier to create than you might think. The quickest way to nail it is to find yourself an elasticated hairband in a shade similar to your own hair colour. Pop it on, and then simply start rolling up your locks in sections and tucking it into the hairband. Add a few hair pins for good measure—and you’re done!

Tip: Pop an embellished hairband on top to hide your tuck-and-roll secret—additional statement clips like Emily’s will give things a super-modern feel, too.

Getty/Mike Marsland

The Easy Alice

Getty/Michael Tran

Emma Stone took her lead from the runways, where Alice bands and hair accessories ran riot for autumn and winter. Pump up the volume in your locks first by prepping with a volumising spray, then add in a few waves with a waving wand. Brush out the curls, create a gentle side-parting, and slip on your Alice band. Job done.

Tip: Curl your hair away from your face if you’ve got lots of layers, to stop shorter sections from crowding your eyes.

Mussed-Up Fishtail Braids

Getty/David M. Benett

Olivia Palermo might have grown her way to the longer end of the mid-length spectrum, but this style will work on most lengths that fall around the shoulders. To get your fishtail braids as loose and carefree as Olivia’s, slowly tease and tug at your braids after creating them. It’s better to tug a little at a time, so you don’t go too far and have to start braiding all over again.

Tip: Add plenty of volume at the roots before you start braiding, otherwise this look could fall flat. Spritzing a texturizing spray through the lengths will help create that slept-in effect too.

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Lead Image: Getty/David M. Benett

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