The Most Flattering Medium-Length Cuts for Fine Hair

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Medium-length hair is the most versatile length since it falls smack dab in the middle between long and short. It's long enough to tie back into a ponytail or bun and short enough to style without spending too much time or effort (speaking of styling, check out our favorite braided hairstyles for medium-length hair). The only difficult thing about medium-length hair is finding a definition that everyone can agree upon. Some people say it's defined as hair that reaches past your collarbone but falls just short of your armpit. Others expand the definition to include anything between shoulder-length and Rapunzel-length hair. Either way, it's a cut that's perfect for fine-haired people like me.

Take it from me, someone who's had thin and fine hair her entire life. If my hair grows too long, it starts to look scraggly and stringy. If I cut it too short, it looks sad and limp. The only length that really works for me (no matter how often I shake my fists to the sky) is medium-length. It gives movement and life to my hair, while also keeping any little amount of natural volume that I have intact. But there are only so many cuts you can dream up on your own, which is why I all but hoard celeb photos for salon inspiration.