Maybelline Now Has a Male Spokesmodel—and We Couldn't Be More Excited

Updated 08/29/17

Back in October, Covergirl announced its first-ever cover boy, James Charles, and now Maybelline is following in those inclusive cosmetic footsteps. As of January 4, Maybelline is officially featuring its first-ever male spokesmodel, Manny Gutierrez, or Manny Mua as he’s known on YouTube.

Social media star Gutierrez, with three million followers on Instagram and over two million subscribers on YouTube, is teaming up with fellow digital savant and beauty vlogger Shayla Mitchell for the launch of the brand’s Colossal Big Shot Mascara ($8).

Anne Marie Nelson-Bogle, senior vice president of marketing for Maybelline, spoke about the company’s inspiration behind choosing Gutierrez and Mitchell in a press release: “The duo’s boss-like personalities, in which they unapologetically slay both their makeup looks and their professional lives on a daily basis, made them a perfect fit for the role. They represented the ‘boss’ beauty attitude in this mascara campaign that no one else could, truly inspiring their audiences daily to be their own bosses which brings the inspiration and message of this mascara to life.”

Gutierrez is one of beauty’s biggest influencers on social media and has an Instagram profile reading, “Boys deserve just as much cosmetic recognition,” so he seems the perfect choice for breaking down beauty barriers.

To see Gutierrez and Mitchell rock bold, beautiful lashes while also proving that cosmetics are in fact genderless, scroll down to watch their video campaign for Maybelline’s Colossal Big Shot Mascara.

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