Mental Health Advocate Elyse Fox Discusses Maybelline's Brave Together Initiative

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Elyse Fox

Beauty brands should support consumers even beyond the makeup aisle—and Maybelline stands behind this belief wholeheartedly. The cosmetics brand is on a mission to help everyone feel confident inside and out, specifically honing in on empowering those struggling with mental health. To accomplish this goal, Maybelline created its Brave Together initiative in 2020. The global program partners with non-profit organizations to destigmatize anxiety and depression, provides 1:1 support, and produces informational support resources.

Maybelline has also tapped a community of experts to spread awareness about Brave Together and mental health. Elyse Fox, the founder of Sad Girls Club (an organization focused on destigmatizing mental illness among young women of color), is one member of the Brave Together community. Ahead, Fox shares further insight into the work Maybelline is doing via its Brave Together initiative

On how Maybelline's Brave Together initiative aligns with Sad Girls Club’s mission...

"Brave Together is exactly what the mental health scene needs. It’s definitely important for us to acknowledge that mental health issues are on the rise, but it furthers the conversation to have advocates and proven outlets for people to heal.

"I’ve been able to meet and connect with so many incredible people who are moving the conversation forward through the Brave Together initiative. Using my voice to help end the stigma is a simple way to help, and Maybelline provides a platform to boost voices and stories."

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On the importance of beauty brands fostering conversations about mental health...

"In every aspect of life, our mental health is affected—the beauty industry is no different. In my opinion, carving space to have open conversations about anxiety and depression helps to build trust and relatability and eases the conversation within the brand. With the heightened use of filters and online distortion, it’s a smart move for beauty brands to support their consumers' mental wellness in a way that’s authentic to them."

On resources Maybelline developed to support those experiencing mental health struggles...

"Maybelline has partnered with the Crisis Text Line to support its community when in crisis. They’ve also partnered with the JED Foundation on "Brave Talk," [a 90-minute scenario-based training focused on supporting college students who are struggling]."

On MNY’s podcast, "I’m Fine, You?"...

"I’m excited to join Maybelline’s podcast, “I’m Fine, You?” as a guest for their upcoming second season. The podcast is hosted by Chrissy Rutherford and works to destigmatize conversations around anxiety and depression. I’m extremely passionate about creating safe spaces and removing the negative stigma integrated into mental health conversations, so I’m thrilled to have this conversation with Chrissy to share my story and help those who may be struggling with their mental health. I hope the podcast shares real, raw stories with people from different walks of life who are finding their way in this world while balancing their mental health."

On the most insightful learnings from working with Maybelline...

"I’ve learned that you never know how far your voice will carry and who you’ll reach just by taking advantage of an opportunity to be open and vulnerable. I plan time to rest and practice positive self-talk. I’ve also been practicing living in the moment—it’s hard, but it helps me stay present and not dwell on 'what if's.'"

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