Venus Is Going Retrograde Soon—Here's What It Means for Your Sign

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With a degree in neuroscience and art history from UCLA, Rose Theodora is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing astrological insights for your sign, as well as the beauty products you should be using. Consider these your personal beauty horoscopes.

MAY: This month is powerful! Pluto is retrograde and will be joined by Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter. Our life as we know it has already changed—now it's about digesting the process of what's happened and where we'll be. Expect to revisit, rename, rethink, redo, rekindle that fire within you. I can't think of a better time to lay low and contemplate the meaning of our life—to live in the present moment.
May 07: Full Moon in Scorpio. Diving deeper into our intuitive process. It's a big deal because it's attributed to digging deep in search of what isn't working for you and dealing with the discomfort that will lead to greater enlightenment. Now is when you need to toss anything that no longer resonates with you—this means makeup, clothes, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and people.
May 11–September 29, 2020: Saturn Retrograde.  Starting in Aquarius, moving back into Capricorn and dealing with fears, taking a more mature approach, steering healthy boundaries, being more disciplined, and parenting yourself. Saturn retrograde can feel slow, arduous, and methodical, but I can't think of a better time than a pandemic to take it slow and to take your time. You're assessing what's meaningful and worthy of your time and energy. This will affect mostly Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, Libra, and Cancer.
May 13: Venus Retrograde in Gemini.  This means that we'll all have to look more deeply within to rediscover what we value, how we love ourselves and want to share that with others. This will affect mostly Geminis, Taurus, Libra, and Sagittarius.
May 14:Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn. Rethinking, re-envisioning, readapting to our future vision, goals, and belief. Your faith is being tried and tested—welcome the changes! This affects mostly Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Cancer.
May 20: Venus square Neptune. Give yourself room to feel, but note that you may be feeling the heaviness of the world around you. Breathe slowly, breathe deeply, and focus on your creative process rather than assuming you're right. Feeling loved is an inside job.
May 22: Mercury meets Venus. Joyful, excited, friendly energy. Showcase your best self and share it with the world.
May 22: New Moon in Gemini. A beautiful Moon to play and adapt; not such a beautiful Moon to search outside of yourself for affirmations of love. Allow confusion to surface and realize that beauty comes from within.


Happy Birthday! With your planet going retrograde, this season means that you're in for a deeper journey in search of self-love. Love for you means being told you're loved and feeling secure both financially and emotionally; this Venus retrograde, you'll need to rethink your financial flow. Quality should always be a theme for you, Taurus. The retrogrades this season are inspiring you to lean more deeply into your career goals..


Venus going retrograde and the New Moon in your sign means rethinking your approach to life—how you look and present yourself to the world, how you show up in a relationship with others, as well as your direction in life. In other words, Venus retrograde is a lot for you! Jupiter retrograde will mean you're re-envisioning your life in terms of what you share with others. When it comes to your beauty routine, don't do anything drastic; instead, wait until after Venus goes direct, post-June 25. Changes made in haste can lead to regret.


The retrogrades are putting you more in touch with your intuitive abilities, and despite the quarantine, it's echoing the fact that you still need alone time. Your creative projects are bustling behind the scenes and need more of your TLC to manifest. May for you means more meditation, more contemplation, more daydreams and dream analysis. Your dreams in both waking and sleeping gift you answers, especially now.


Saturn retrograde will feel most prominent for you Leos born between July 23 and July 27. Retrogrades have three parts, and it's a retrograde journey that will feel like opposition from the outside world to see your blind spots. Your friend circles are becoming somewhat of a burden, but there are those few friends you're realizing are true friends. The retrogrades this month are realigning your true friends and making space for new ones that will enter your life in August, just in time for your birthday! Feeling glamour this month means positive affirmation; try the Love deck by Louise Hay


This month, consider a personal makeover in terms of who and how you show up in the world. Sometimes our reputation is out of our hands, but how you feel about yourself is what matters most. Venus retrograde will probe your mental state and inspire you to revise your thought process about what matters, who matters, and mostly why you matter. This month, feeling seen means recognizing your best attributes and discerning mind first and foremost. Try a refreshing afterglow mist to stimulate your mind and soothe your body. 


Forcing your life into the direction of your choice is when this retrograde-heavy month catches you. Iit says pause—what is truly important to you? How are your thoughts supporting your growth? What beliefs are you holding as truth? The retrogrades—Venus, in particular as your ruling planet—provokes you to rethink your future, and the only way to ease into the process is to think big and to think long term.


Resources—emotional, physical, energetic—are being tried and tested during the next two months as the planets go retrograde. Generosity, trust, empowerment derive from you—the more safe and empowered you feel, the more willing and able you are to share yourself with others. This season asks that you take stock of your resources and conserve—invest emotionally and psychically in the aspects and people in your life that you want to evolve. 


Time cannot be measured when it comes to the investment of your heart and energy. The retrogrades will bring up a lot for you in terms of relationships and self-worth. Venus is sitting opposite you and intrigues you to get more curious about the possibilities of partnership. At the same time, Saturn will remind you that money and material rewards can lead to greater freedom. This month means staying open to the possibilities and being brave enough to hear others out. Feeling love means staying present right now


Pluto and Jupiter going retrograde in your sign allow you to slow down and reevaluate the direction of how things are unfolding. Saturn, your governing planet, also going retrograde on May 11 implies that you'll need to value your unique approach before folding to someone else's expectations of you. Venus retrograde says that to feel harmonious and well, you'll need to revamp your space and try to add variety to your go-to routine.


Saturn will begin its retrograde journey in your sign from May 11 until July 1, and then moves back into Capricorn until September 28—this requires that you slow down and plan your course of action more methodically. This also applies to your unique style—chances are you could be expressing yourself more boldly. The creative process is far more rewarding than any result right now. This is where you should spend a great deal of your energy over the next two months. Consider all things DIY, from at-home projects to beauty recipes.


The retrogrades signify that you're unveiling the mysteries of your family, rediscovering your lineage, family ties, emotional patterns, and as a result, wanting to redecorate your space and to feel more fluid and serene. You're reconciling your past and doing a complete spatial makeover to reflect it! Mars enters your sign on May 13, gifting you more energy, inspiration, and life force energy. 


The retrogrades requires that you slow down and embody the meaning of life. With nearly all of the planets retrograde this month, and your planet Mars entering Pisces on May 13, all signs point to laying low to recalibrate so that you can move full speed ahead again. Your mind matters, and with the planets going retrograde, life needs to be about restoration—meditate more, breathe deeper, recite positive affirmations.

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