Letter From the Editor: Byrd's Eye View

Updated 05/02/18
May Editor's Letter: Byrd's Eye View
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May is the month where we start to spread our wings. Bookended by bank holidays (insert mini fist pump) it means we can escape our day-to-day routine for weekends away—in my mind, it’s the gateway month to the summer. Getaways are booked, and summer wardrobes are bought. So on Byrdie this month, we’re giving you a Byrd’s Eye View (pun very much intended) on the best beauty buys and pit stops at this year’s hottest holiday destinations.

In the travel-guide series Drop a Pin, we’ll be doing all the legwork for you, so once you land, you know exactly which beauty and wellness hot spots you need to seek out (and exactly where to find them). We’ll be digging out expert intel from influencers and beauty experts who live in the places that are trending (think Lisbon, Mexico City and more).

Team Byrdie is heading to Los Angeles this month, and we’ll be taking you along for the ride. We’ll be sharing the products we pack, the in-flight routines we swear by and the places we discover in the (very little) free time we’ll have between meetings.

In our new series for May, International Beauty Code, we’ll be talking to women the world over to find out what typical beauty routines are like in their countries. Yes, we love French pharmacy buys, and Scandi trends are very much on our radar, but we’ll be shining a light on some of the lesser-known beauty cultures—unearthing the beauty ideals, go-to looks and skincare routines in these places.

Essentially this May, Byrdie is your passport to the world of beauty, and we’ll be taking you off the beaten track.

In other news, May is Mental Health Awareness month, and we’ve teamed up with podcasters Jules and Sarah to record a special episode of Wobble with Danielle Peazer and Felicity Hayward in front of a live audience. We’ll be discussing body positivity and mental health, because as the Wobble tagline rightly reads, “it’s okay to not be okay.” We’ll be chatting, in a frank and open manner, about the obstacles we’ve had to get over both mentally and physically. The podcast will be out later this month, and we’ll be sharing the link so you can all listen.

Oh, and you know our #Nightlies Insta story series that gives you the download on an influencer’s Sunday night routine each week? Well, we’re bringing the series to life this month so you can all take part! Intrigued? We’ll be sharing all the details next Tuesday, so stay tuned. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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