Meet the New Nail Polish Line That Puts Nail Health First


When founder Dasha Minina attended school to became a licensed nail technician, it was important for her to understand the chemistry behind the formulation of nail products to make an impact on the industry with her knowledge. Dasha is all about educating her clients to teach them how to care properly for their nails for the best results. So in 2015, she launched Maxus Nails after meticulously formulating her three products in the line's Essential Collection.

That's right, she didn't launch a line that included nail colors, but instead began with three products that to her are the building blocks necessary for a professional-looking manicure. The three must-haves include a strengthener, a base coat, and a top coat. Each retails for $18 and serves a different purpose. All-star Strengthener boasts protein to help fortify nails, safflower oil to prevent brittleness, and myrrh to fend off fungus and inflammation. While Dasha says the Strengthener alone can act as a base coat, the line's Base Coat also has nail-enhancing properties such as silk amino acids, which help fortify the nail plate, and tea tree oil to aid with discoloration of the nail and bacteria. Even something as simple as a top coat isn't ordinary when it comes to Maxus. The brand's Top Coat finishes off a manicure with a high-gloss shine that rivals a gel manicure and prevents UV fading. 

Fast-forward to 2016, and the nearly one-year-old brand is debuting nail polish. And because Dasha is all for top-notch formulations, these beautiful shades are more than just manicure-worthy colors. The protective nail-bonding strengthener formula is infused into each polish so that users can skip the base coat and also reap the benefits of stronger nails. The four shades also speak to the soul, as each one represents beauty and power—Adored, Inspired, Admired, and Respected make up the four colors Dasha chose for the debut of the nail polish range. Each of the shades is packed with so much pigment that one coat is all you need to see the immediate color payoff. If this is any indicator of what's to come from the brand, we can't wait to see what they do next.

See the line for yourself below, and shop the Essentials and Empower collections.

The Essentials Collection

Maxus Nails The Essentials Collection $46

The Empower Collection

Maxus Nails The Empower Collection $72

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