20 Maximalist Jewelry Pieces That Are Actually Wearable

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It’s no secret that fashion is in a constant state of fun these days. From dopamine dressing, to the various stages of the Y2K resurgence, to metallics and sequins officially solidifying its place in the trend cycle beyond New Year’s Eve and birthday outfits, the most recent trends follow a philosophy of “more is more.” Anyone who was paying attention can recall the period just before the pandemic when the jewelry trends flooding your Instagram feeds were characterized by dainty medallion necklaces, and various layers of similar minimal chain styles, paired with signet and croissant rings and the like. Now, in line with the wave of expressive trends born (or, in many cases, re-born) out of the last few years, some of the biggest trendsetters have found themselves gravitating toward bold, maximalist jewelry styles in lieu of their more tame counterparts.

While maximalist jewelry has been enjoying its moment of shine for the past two years, the expansive trend has reinvented itself a number of times. First, there was a collective obsession with chunky, plastic rings reminiscent of a 2000s childhood. Then colorful, beaded necklaces, and eventually, simpler, cord styles with giant pendants at their centers. Now, similar to current apparel trends, and much to the truly experimental dresser’s delight, it feels like everything is trending all at once. For example, there were statement, gothic styles throughout Dior’s Spring 2023 collection, floral and crystal-embellished chokers at Vivette, and chunky, resin pieces at Nanushka. For the dresser who may lean toward more subdued styles, but still wants to indulge on their own accord, there were giant brass hoops at the likes of Marques’Almeida, and bulky, sea-shell inspired necklaces at David Koma.

At its core, the maximalist jewelry trend is a welcomed excuse to explore fashion in a playful way, adding joy to your closet one color-filled, larger-than-life, or otherwise unexpected statement piece at a time, and the best part is there are no rules. Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the most exciting earrings, necklaces and the like on the internet, and they each have a personality of their own.

Letra Molten Heart Stone Ring

Molten Heart Stone Ring
Letra Molten Heart Stone Ring $368.00

The 2023 equivalent to 2020’s must-have croissant ring, is a style featuring a colored gemstone. The quickest way to add a touch of personality to your ring stack, the idea isn’t even that they have to match your outfit, or each other — meaning feel free to pack on two or three styles in different colors.

La Manso x Jean Paul Gaultier Lemon ie Necklace

x Jean Paul Gaultier Lemon ie Necklace
La Manso x Jean Paul Gaultier Lemon ie Necklace $424.00

If you’re on the hunt for a conversation piece, this open choker from a collaboration between La Manso and Jean Paul Gaultier is one to get heads turning. Not quite like any necklace you’ve probably seen (which is the best part about it), the sculptural piece takes inspiration from Gaultier’s famously-loved cyber dot print, and its neutral pale yellow color actually allows for more versatile styling than you’d think. 

Tootside Jewelry Rosalia Choker

Rosalia Choker
Tootsie Jewelry Rosalia Choker $75.00

Play up both the floral accessory trend and the beaded necklace trend with this romantic twist on both. Let it add a kitschy touch to a sultry look such as a velvet little black dress with a sweetheart neckline.

Brite Things Night Star Necklace

Night Star Necklace
Brite Things Night Star Necklace $58.00

Complete with spikey beads and a chunky metal pendant, this piece is equal parts fun-loving and edgy. You can do up the latter with a few styling tricks, such as adding a black biker jacket to vintage inspired jeans, rounded off with a pair of wrap-around sunglasses.

Hugo Kreit Submarina Earrings

Submarina Earrings
Hugo Kreit Submarina Earrings $375.00

Contrary to instinctive belief, orange accessories pair well with plenty of colors, so you can actually get a ton of wear out of these unique earrings. For your special occasions, whether you’re donning an ivory, green, pink or powder blue dress or top, these Hugo Kreit darlings are just the color block you need for added interest.

YVMIN Graffiti Colorful Star Earring

ElectricGirl / Graffiti Colorful Star Earring
YVMIN ElectricGirl / Graffiti Colorful Star Earring $150.00

A runway trend trickled into the masses, designers are increasingly selling earrings in singles rather than pairs, leaving styling options in your hands. For an asymmetric look, you can leave one ear bare, or pair them with something totally different such as a dangling earring, or a chunky stud. Alternatively, with these specifically, you can simply mix and match colorways as well (in addition to purple, the brand offers the style in green, pink and blue).

Swarovski Lucent Cocktail Ring

Lucent cocktail ring
Swarovski Lucent Cocktail Ring $330.00 $264.00

With It-girls such as Bella Hadid at the forefront of some of the brand’s latest campaigns, Swarovski has re-centered itself as a brand for cool girls to watch, with many of its new styles leaning into that hyper-colorful idea of maximalism. Cocktail rings are an easy way to dive into the trend as not much further accessorizing needs to be done (in this instance, the ring is simply the star of the show). However, you can go a step further in using color-blocking in your outfit to help the piece stand out even more.

Frasier Sterling Just Friends Cord Choker

Just Friends Cord Choker
Frasier Sterling Just Friends Cord Choker $38.00

Cord necklaces with large pendants are everywhere, but the exciting thing about the trend is the endless variations of pendant styles to choose from. By far the most popular, however, are metal heart styles, and for good reason — They’re among the most versatile, and can be styled with just about anything.

Amy Shehab Chrome Block Earring

Chrome Back Earring
Amy Shehab Chrome Block Earring $80.00

In case you were wondering, there is such a thing as maximalist jewelry for the minimalist. Think of pared down styles that lean more on bold metals rather than color and embellishments. These earrings from Amy Shehab, for example, make just as strong a statement when highlighted with an updo.

Collina Strada Spikeez Chain Necklace

Spikeez Chain Necklace
Collina Strada Spikeez Chain Necklace $265.00

Collina Strada’s accessories are just as exciting as their runway shows and ready-to-wear. This necklace uses spikey, multicolored balls to infuse personality into the traditional chain necklace, and it will automatically bring even the most casual of outfits to life.

Notte Jewelry Swirly Fiori Mani Earring

Swirly Fiori Mani Earring
Notte Jewelry Swirly Fiori Mani Earring $52.00

Sometimes, even the small can make a huge statement. With a bright, enamel finish and funky mother of pearl adornments, these dangling earrings may not be strikingly oversized, but they’re just as spunky as the next, and will especially stand out when paired with a simple number, such as a satin slip dress, or a sheer ribbed cardigan.

Marni Heart-Shape Ring

Heart-Shape Ring
Marni Heart-Shape Ring $315.00

In a nutshell, the maximalist jewelry trend is all about embracing the character within unique pieces, and this vintage-inspired ring from Marni is as character-filled as they come. Its look is equal parts bohemian, punk and gothic, so you may try styling it with a sheer black dress, a denim maxi, or a distressed leather jacket.

AVAVAV AV Earrings

AV Earrings
AVAVAV AV Earrings $255.00 $66.00

These Avavav earrings give logomania an entirely new meaning. Try further accessorizing them with painted enamel rings, and a top that lets their color stand out.

Jacquemus Le Collier Turbi

Le collier Turbi
Jacquemus Le Collier Turbi $310.00

Always one for a sculptural piece, whether it’s apparel, hats, or jewelry, Jacquemus is the epitome of how to do maximalism for the minimalist. Case in point: this swirl pendant necklace. Just as easily as you can pair it with a massive stack of chunky rings and bracelets, so too can you let the necklace itself do all the talking, worn against a neutral-toned, airy dress.

Alexis Bittar Organic Disc Layered Drop Earring

Organic Disc Layered Drop Earring
Alexis Bittar Organic Disc Layered Drop Earring $395.00 $125.00

These lucite earrings are the only answer to how to accessorize on vacation. Soft, yet ornamental and eye-catching, these can do without the distraction of a necklace (they), and are set to make a statement no matter how you wear your hair.

Free People Melody Velvet Choker

Melody Velvet Choker
Free People Melody Velvet Choker $38.00

If it seems like everyone’s loving floral, fabric chokers right now, it’s because that’s exactly the case. From style icons such as Hailey Bieber to Kendall Jenner, it’s a trend that seems to only just be getting started. While similar necklaces are being sold in tandem with matching clothing styles, there’s nothing stopping you from grabbing a stand-alone necklace such as this one to mix and match on your own.

Simuero Atolón Ring

Atolón ring
Simuero Atolón Ring $245.00

There’s no way to ignore Simuero’s jewelry offering if you’re a fan of eclectic, earthy styles. Handmade with recycled silver, and set with stone-like glass, the brand’s Atolón ring isn’t a piece of jewelry so much as it is art.

Panconesi Upside Down Hoops

Upside Down Hoops
Panconesi Upside Down Hoops $267.00 $186.00

There are hoop earrings, and there are Panconesi’s hoop earrings. The brand reimagines the classic style with a snake-like silhouette dipped in enamel hot pink, offering up a hard-hitting style that’s still dainty enough — simple, yet effective.

Y/Project Sculpted Earrings

Sculpted Earrings
Y/Project Sculpted Earrings $335.00

There aren’t many brands releasing jewelry as unique as Y/Project’s out into the world. To showcase these to their full potential, complement them with a simple pairing, such as a dark wash denim-on-denim set, or a sleek, black maxi dress.

Justine Clenquet Dolly Choker

Dolly Choker
Justine Clenquet Dolly Choker $196.00

Among the many aesthetics taking off as of late is that of the rockstar girlfriend, and the look isn’t complete without an ultra chunky chain necklace. Justine Clenquet’s comes with details that separate it from the rest, such as its contrast chain design, and piercing-inspired hoops that lend it its punkish edge.

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