So, It Turns Out 92% of Women Don't Find Standard Beauty Advertising Relatable

Updated 04/06/18

This feature is dedicated to our #NoChangeNoFuture initiative. From the Women’s March, to Australia voting yes to same sex marriage, and the #MeToo movement, 2017 taught us to look beyond ourselves and come together as a collective of powerful women who are writing our own history. Join us as we cancel setting one-dimensional personal resolutions this January and commit to being the change we want to see. Because without change, there is no future.


More often than not, beauty advertisements paint a glossy picture of airbrushed perfection, unattainable by anyone who doesn't have access to Photoshop or the latest selfie-editing app. Obviously, campaigns of this nature are designed to sell a dream—one of impossibly smooth skin, or hair that falls down your back like a piece of silk. In other words, they're unrealistic, unobtainable, and hard to relate too. 

Max Factor is a brand that has noticed and, more importantly, has acted on the disconnect that currently exists between beauty companies and consumers. Just recently, Max Factor undertook a huge global data quest titled the 'Beauty With Depth' survey, where the brand asked women across the world their thoughts on beauty, how it's perceived, and represented in the media. One of the most interesting stats was that globally, only eight percent of women think beauty advertising represents relatable, 'real' women.

Thus, the You X Max Factor campaign was created. In essence, Max Factor recruited inspiring women (who aren't models) from around the world to feature in all the latest advertising material (including the video below) and to serve as the front that is a hugely new direction for the brand. 

We think it's beautiful and speaks to so many women on so many levels. Keep scrolling to watch the video, and shop a few of our favourite Max Factor buys (that are still as great as ever, by the way). 

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