Maui Moisture Will Give Your Curls Just the Right Nourishment

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The truth is that curls and coarse textures can often be an afterthought for mainstream haircare brands. All too often, the curl- and coil-friendly version of a product is released years after a brand’s signature SKUs, almost as if brands are implying that they see these textures as second-rate. And while ultimately no one product will cater to the needs of every texture, it’s much appreciated when texture inclusivity is woven into a brand’s DNA, as with Maui Moisture

Maui Moisture is the brainchild of haircare tycoon Todd Christopher, the fourth-generation stylist who also founded brands like OGX. From the start, the brand's formulas were designed with curls in mind, staying true to its name thanks to products designed to leave curls juicier, bouncier, and healthier with intoxicating tropical aromas. Best of all? Products are big on performance without breaking the bank. It’s like taking your curls on a luxe tropical vacay. 

Maui Moisture

Founded: By Todd Christopher, in 1987.

Pricing: $

Best known for: Affordable, curl-centric haircare with natural ingredients found on tropical islands.

Most popular product: Castor & Neem Curl Oil Gel, Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Curl Smoothie

Fun fact: According to Forbes, Maui Mosture founder Todd Christopher went from dropping out of high school to becoming a billionaire, after selling his portfolio of brands.

Other Brands You’ll Love: OGX, Juices & Botanics

Maui Moisture is obviously a haircare company, but overall wellness has always been at its core. “We formulate our products with wellness in mind, knowing the consumer cares just as much what she puts on her body as what she puts in,” explains Nadia Vasen, Maui Moisture’s Senior Marketing Director. “Not only are our products vegan, but our first ingredient is 100 percent aloe vera infused with pure coconut water, meaning the base of our formulations is more hydrating and nourishing than others on the market.” This, she explains is compared to other brands, which often feature water as the primary ingredient, “meaning all the ingredients you see touted on the front of bottles are being watered down,” she adds. “With 100 percent aloe as our base, we’re offering curls hydration-first formulations.”

The key to Maui Moisture's approach to curl care is understanding just how different curls can be across the hair spectrum. "We understand that not all curls need the same levels of moisture, so our number one focus is providing the education and products [the customer] needs at all hydration levels and for all curl types," Vasen tells Byrdie. "We realize there is a disappointment gap when it comes to the curl community and feeling like brands don’t understand their specific curl needs. Our brand ethos of transformative moisture will hopefully bridge that gap so everyone on the curl spectrum gets their desired result, whether that’s smoother, bouncier, softer, shinier or more defined curls. Maui Moisture wants to transform the way you feel about your hair."

Want to add to your curl arsenal or give your waves a boost of hydration? Below, we’ll talk about 7 of our favorite Maui Moisture products for curly and coily hair.

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Castor & Neem Oil Curl Oil Gel

tub of maui moisture Castor & Neem Oil Curl Oil Gel
Maui Moisture Castor & Neem Oil Curl Oil Gel $9.00

If you have curly hair, it's very likely that gel is a product in your regular rotation. But the biggest caveat with any gel is how drying it can be. It's rare that you come across a gel that actually boosts moisture instead of completely drying out your curls, but this fills that gap. With a blend of lengthening castor oil, moisturizing neem oil, and soothing peppermint, this oil-gel hybrid gave my curls gentle definition that held for hours without leaving them crunchy or flaky.

To use, I simply worked through the product from root to tip, finger combing and coiling as I made my way through. I let them air dry (to stellar, selfie-ready results) but the brand also suggests using this product before diffusing your curls.

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Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Hydrating Curl Smoothie

tub of Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Hydrating Curl Smoothie
Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Hydrating Curl Smoothie $9.00

This cream is thick thick, which makes it the perfect pick for coarser textures. If you fid that you need to glob on product to see any impact, make room on your top shelf. The rich texture is thanks to the sweet blend of coconut oil, papaya butter and plumeria extract. On top of creating a heavenly fragrance, the trio of tropical-inspired hero ingredients work to detangle and define curls.

The smoothie can be used on damp or dry hair—it also does wonders as a styling cream. To work it into your curls, you'd part your hair into sections and palm through a sparing amount. I used a toonie-sized amount on each section of my 3C/4A hair during a braid-out and my curls instantly drank it up.

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Maui Moisture Frizz-Free + Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Mist

bottle of maui moisture leave-in mist
Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Mist $7.00

Much is required from a good leave-in. The ideal leave-in has to repel frizz, define curls, and maintain moisture—all without weighing down your strands. This mist checks each of those boxes, thanks to the formula's stellar lineup of shea butter, macadamia oil and coconut oil. I was also impressed by how it brought extra definition to some of my strands that have borne the brunt of my heat damage.

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Maui Moisture Lightweight Curls + Flaxseed Curl Refresher Mist

bottle of Maui Moisture Lightweight Curls + Flaxseed Curl Refresher Mist
Maui Moisture Lightweight Curls + Flaxseed Curl Refresher Mist $7.00

I find that the idea of second-day hair can be a bit of a fallacy. Even if I sleep with a satin bonnet and a silk pillowcase, my curly styles seldom hold up past 24 hours. Even though my hair doesn't fit within the fine-to-medium parameters, this revived my day-two twist-out.

Yes, it still required quite a bit of zhushing but a few spritzes of this Curl Refresher Mist brought my curls back to life after a night of tossing and turning—my frizz was tamed, the shine was restored, and I got another day out of a style that took way too long to execute. Just remember to give this a good shake before putting it to use.

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Castor & Neem Oil Shampoo

bottle of Castor & Neem Oil Shampoo
Maui Moisture Castor & Neem Oil Shampoo $9.00

A little bit of this shampoo goes a very long way—though I'm typically heavy-handed (like most curly girls) I only needed to apply a dollop the size of a Canadian toonie to get a good lather going.

On top of providing a thorough cleanse, this shampoo works double-time to soothe the scalp and strengthen tresses, too. Since I tend to wear high-tension styles (guilty, I know), my scalp tends to be sore by wash day. The peppermint oil eased the tension from days of tight, sleek buns and braids—plus it cleared out product debris fast enough to cut my shower concert short.

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Castor & Neem Oil Conditioner

bottle of Castor & Neem Oil Conditioner
Maui Moisture Castor & Neem Oil Conditioner $11.00

This is a conditioner that does more than just soften strands. The formula is designed to treat damaged and transitioning tresses, with castor oil prompting growth and neem oil regenerating hair follicles while locking in moisture. The rich texture makes wash day feel extra indulgent, which is perfectly in line with the brand's ethos. "Curl care and education still have a long way to go," Vasen acknowledged, "but we’re hoping to fill a white space with the idea of transformative moisture and what that means both formulation-wise and emotionally for the consumer."

The brand recommends keeping this on for three to five minutes before rinsing it out, but during one of my tries I kept it on for around 15 minutes and covered my head with a plastic cap to mimic a masking treatment—from the bounciness and shine of my curls, I could easily conclude that this can go toe-to-toe with my go-to hair mask.

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Frizz Free Shea Butter Elongating Gel

bottle of Frizz Free Shea Butter Elongating Gel
Maui Moisture Frizz Free Shea Butter Elongating Gel $10.00

At long last, a gel that doesn't make my hair crunchy. The idea of a hydrating gel is foreign to me—as a life-long gel devotee I've come to terms with the idea that dryness is just the name of the game and crunchiness is a small price to pay for strong hold. Though this isn't a gel I'd use for a slicked-back style, the alcohol-free formula helped my curls hold their shape long after I got out of the shower.

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