30 Matte Nails Looks That You'll Want to Copy Stat

matte seaglass nails

We love glossy, high-shine nails as much as the next person, but every once in a while we have the urge to switch up the texture in favor of a matte manicure. Can you blame us? With some of the world's top manicurists churning out covetable matte nail art, it's only a matter of time before everyone hops on board. To see if matte nails fit your fancy, check out our 30 favorite picks from Instagram, below.

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Lavender Lengths

Here, a soft lavender shade makes a standalone statement that can't be ignored.

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Matte Polka Dots

If you prefer to keep your nails shorter, this polka-dotted manicure is a must. Created with nude and black polish, it's a simple DIY option. All you'll need is a toothpick and your polishes to bring the spotted look to life.

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Matte Blooms

Sometimes, the more color, the better. Case in point: These retro matte flower nails. While they look semi-intricate, they're actually just a series of dots laid artfully over each other to create the blooming appeal.

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Matte Minimalist Nails

We love these minimalist matte nails that give a nude manicure a milky effect. With a single line down the middle of each nail, they're a modern work of art.

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Abstract Matte

These abstract nails remind us of the packaging of one of our absolute favorite cleanser brands (HoliFrog, we love you).

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Matte Red Nails

Negative space is never not in style. Hence why we love these matte red nails that work especially well with grow out.

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Matte Marble Nails

Crystal lovers, unite! These geode-inspired matte nails will make you swoon. The level of skill it takes to create them? Maybe not so much.

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Matte Nudes

Stiletto nails can look super dramatic thanks to their ultra-sharp shape. However, when paired with a matte nude polish, the result is equal parts classic and fierce.

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Black Matte-gic

Let's make one thing clear: You can never go wrong with matte black nails. While some might make you believe it's a gothic beauty choice, we're here to set the record straight.

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Colorful Chrome

If you can't choose between matte and metallic nails, compromise with this colorful chrome nail look.

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Black Flames

Speaking of black nails, if you're not ready to go full black (or full matte), consider this negative space flame design. Just keep in mind that you might want a manicurist to create this intricate design.

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Matte Universe

These cloudy matte black nails are nothing short of dreamy. They're giving us all the "Sabrina" vibes.

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Matte and Metallic

If you want to hop on the matte bandwagon while dipping your tips in the metallic trend, check out this minimalist mani. With a matte base and metallic gold squiggle on each nail, it's both understated and eye-catching.

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Matte Stripes

If you want a matte base, metallic squiggle, and color, take it a step further with this rainbow-striped mani that brings images of beach balls to mind.

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Matte Camo

If you're a color lover, check out this camo manicure that's bold as can be. To create the look yourself, simply layer blobs of polish on your nail, using a toothpick or brush to push out the edges into wobbly shapes. Finish with a matte topcoat et voila.

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Matte Color Block

These colorblock nails give us retro 60s and 70s vibes. If you opt for a crescent of negative space at each cuticle, the nail art will last even longer during grow out.

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Matte Celebrations

These simple black and gold nails are what we call minimal Gatsby-chic. With them comes images of little black dresses, champagne, and confetti.

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Glitter Accents

Who knew a post-worthy manicure could be as simple as a matte topcoat and curved arch of glitter on each nail?

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Matte Mosaic

Here, dusty colors combine over a nude base for a mosaic pattern that looks fresh out of Europe. Très chic.

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Olive Points

Matte olive and glossy black combine for a pointy almond-shaped manicure that we're ready to recreate ASAP.

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Neon Diagonals

Leave it to NYC-based nail salon Paintbox to teach us that a double-tap-worthy manicure is as simple as a matte nude base with a dash of neon flair. Lucky for us, it's super simple to DIY.

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Navy Trim

These matte nails are as chic as they are neutral, making them a must in our book. With a matte nude base and glossy blue trim, they're simply one of a kind.

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Matte Nostalgia

Missing the 90s? Same. Fortunately, we can revisit the nostalgic decade with this "Saved by the Bell"-inspired matte manicure.

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Cow Print Cuties

It may have taken us until 2019 to realize that cow print was a must-wear design, but now we'll never neglect it again. If you're not ready to go full "moo", these mismatched matte nails offer a nice middle ground with a single cow accent nail.

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Matte Stars

We're suckers for stars and negative space, so it's no wonder why this mani caught our eyes. If you're worried you can't create super even stars, don't fret. Simply rely on star confetti and matte topcoat to create the look.

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Cheetah Tips

What's not to love about these rosy cheetah tips? Best of all, they're easy to DIY! Simply use nail tape and paint on your base before littering the nude nails with brown-outlined black dots.

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Animal Accents

If you want to make the cheetah idea more literal, consider this intricate feline nail look when booking your next nail sesh.

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Cloudy Days

These cloud nails remind us of the dreamy Summer Fridays Instagram filter. In other words, we're obsessed.

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Negative Space

By copying this abstract manicure idea you'll be able to show off pops of color without dousing each nail in polish.

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Textured Illusion

This ridged matte mani reminds us of seashells and the sand at low tide—peaceful and pretty as can be.

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