10 Insanely Cool Matte Nail Designs to Impress Your Friends With

Now that warm weather is completely behind us, the soft, barely-there manicures that occupied our nails the last few months have officially followed. Yes, deeper, darker nail colors have made their seasonal debut, and for most, the transition is welcome. But if jet-black nails aren’t exactly your thing (it’s cool—emo chic isn’t for everyone), we’re here with some solace: Matte nail designs are the latest manicure trend that’s about to take over your Instagram feed (and probably your nails).

Even though glossy finishes will always have a place in our hearts, a spike in cool, understated matte designs has completely converted us. Because between the weirdly satisfying feeling of having a crisp, smooth base and the fact that mattes can be accented with the most subtle of designs, we’re not sure what took us so long to give this trend a whirl. And to prove it to you, we combed through Instagram to find the most inspo-worthy matte nail designs to experiment with this season.Take them to your manicurist or enlist the help of your favorite polish and try them out yourself.

Click through for our 10 favorite looks, including a tonal, reverse-French manicure and a chrome-and-matte combo.

Which matte nail designs will you be trying out? Sound off in the comments.