Pat McGrath Is About to Drop the Only Lipsticks You Need for Summer

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If ever there was an all-encompassing phrase to represent my makeup aesthetic, it's "that girl with the matte lipstick," or so I was called at my first internship. I'm undoubtedly a fiend for the perfect velvety lip, but as the years have gone on and the Kylie Jenners of the makeup industry have arrived, what once was a comfortable matte has transformed into an often chalky, drying formula. As such, I've never been a fan of liquid lipsticks. They're difficult to apply with precision (I'm not entirely dexterous with a doe-foot applicator), and they leave my lips flaky and faded. For months, I've been looking for something better—and, it seems, the legendary Pat McGrath herself heard my calls.

MatteTrance, a lusty collection of heavenly saturated lipsticks, is about to launch, and I had the opportunity to test them out firsthand. Let me tell you: The color payoff is unprecedented—yet paired with the glorious pigment is a comfortable, press-on formula that all but cloaks your lips. Coined a "fetish-worthy finish," each shade is like a lightweight veil of color that is meant to be applied with your fingers rather than a brush. Essentially, it's completely foolproof (not to mention summerproof. McGrath waxed poetic about the time (years) and painstaking specificity it took to formulate each bullet, boasting their ease and unique finish. "It's the ultimate makeup artist's lipstick," she said smiling. "This powerful, technologically-advanced pigment summons the spirits of silver screen sirens and captivates club kids every time your dress your lips … it fuses today's makeup with subversive luxury."

She continues to explain how it doesn't mask the texture of your lip but works with them. The result is something natural but all-around glamorous—a look perfect for the HD cameras of today. "Most lipsticks, even mattes, are little greasy, but these shades almost have a powdery finish. In fact, they feel and look like pure pigment," she told the group. With those coveted selfies in mind, she went to great lengths to design a bullet that looked the part as well. Each shade is encased in a glossy, metal tube with some weight—"it has to feel special," she says. Plus, the lips will always face forward as you turn it, ensuring your #content will look as good as your lips.

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