29 Matte Nail Looks That Prove Black Is the New Black


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Matte black is one of those nail polish colors that often gets overlooked when choosing the perfect shade for your next mani. But we have a news flash for you: Black is a must-try nail color that can be worn by anyone, any time of year.

While we're not ones to overlook the fact that matte black is often associated with gothic garb and Halloween, we also can't ignore an edgy shade with so much potential. Plus, it all comes down to how you wear the color, not the color itself.

Since that can be a tricky concept to grasp, we're here to illustrate it for you with 29 of our favorite matte black nail designs snagged off the 'gram. Ahead you'll find a mixture of all-black, part-black, and mixed-finish manicures worth saving for your next nail appointment. Who knows, you might even want to bookmark a few by the end of this post.

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Coming Up Roses

If you're not ready to dive headfirst into the matte black nail trend, consider these nude nails that feature black floral detailing.

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Matte + Marbled

Matte black and marble nails


Here's another nail art idea for those who aren't quite ready to go full black with their manicure. This look uses the Young Stunners Nail Foils ($25), making the marble effect easy to recreate.

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Matte Florals

Matte black floral nails


Matte black can seem like a super harsh color choice, but pair it with pastel florals and you have a decadent nail look you'll want to wear on the reg.

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Shiny + Matte

We can't stop staring at these matte black tips. With a stripe of high-shine lacquer at the base of each tip, this high-contrast manicure is every bit stylish.

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Cherry Bomb

Matte black nails with cherry designs


Looking for a rocker-chic nail look? This matte black manicure complete with ruby-red cherries is a perfect choice.

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Pushing Daisies

Here's another floral nail art idea that will make you feel excited for spring and summer without letting go of your love for dark shades.

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Lunar Moment

The astrology lovers in us can't get over this simple matte black nail art idea. The silver glitter moon really makes the look.

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Abstract Lines

Who knew ultra-thin white lines could make such a major statement against matte black nails? Lucky for us, it's a look that's easy to DIY.

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Holo Matte

If you can't decide between matte and holographic nails, opt for both. This cool-tinted, dual-finish nail look is sure to inspire you.

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Written in the Stars

Matte black nails with celestial designs


How fun are these psychic moon-and-star nails? The moon phases will require acute attention to detail, making this look best left to the pros.

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Gold Foil

Matte black nails with gold foil


It's no secret that black and gold pair beautifully together. Just look at these foil-accented nails if you don't believe us.

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Dark Hearts

Nude and black is another color combo you can't go wrong with. Add a few mini hearts to the mix and it's even better.

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Neon Dots

matte black nails with neon dots


We love this easy-to-recreate dot manicure. Simply start with a matte black base and top it off with a line of dots in the shiny neon shades of your choice.

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Outlined Faces

Matte black nails with face outlines


The subtle, abstract face outlines accenting this matte black mani are just so chic.

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All Eyes on You

Dainty eyelash matte nail design


We're suckers for dainty eye accents. Pair them with specks of glitter and we're head over heels.

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Tropical Flora

Whether you're headed on a tropical vacation or are hoping to create a vacation mentality with your manicure, this matte black manicure is a nature lover's dream.

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Almond Drip

Matte black nails always look fab, but there's no denying that they look even more fierce when paired with an almond nail shape.

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Smoky Matte

Whether this nail design reminds you of marble or smoke, one thing's for sure: It's edgy AF.

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Leo Season

Matte black nails with Leo zodiac design


Astrology lovers will dig this simple matte mani that pays homage to the star signs.

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Champagne Cuticles

While many people think of tips before cuticles when adding arcs of color to a nail look, this manicure is proof that confining the accent to the base of each nail can be incredibly eye-catching.

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Faux Stiletto Tips

If you love the look of stiletto nails but aren't ready to sharpen your tips, consider this coffin shape with artfully applied paint for a pointy nail look.

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Leopard Love

Matte black nails with leopard print


Leopard, neon, matte black, and negative space make for an unbeatable nail look in terms of on-trend style.

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Negative Space

Matte Black Nails with negative space design


Speaking of negative space, all you need to create this nail art idea is striping tape, black polish, and your favorite matte topcoat.

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Lines and Dots

Matte black nails with white lines and dots


Yet again, this shows that a head-turning nail look can be as simple as a few well-placed lines and dots on top of a matte black base.

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Dainty Flowers

Matte black and white floral nails


If you can't go full polish, let alone full black, with your nail look, consider this demure black-and-white design that leaves much of each nail blank.

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Body Art

Matte black body outline nail design with pink accents


If you love the idea of a delicate matte black manicure that doesn't occupy the entire nail, this is another way to explore the look.

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Fendi Fever

Matte black nails with Fendi logo


Fashion fans, these mixed-finish Fendi-inspired nails are for you.

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Heart Happy

Matte black nails with hearts


This mixed-finish manicure offers the best of both worlds: moody black and vibrant ruby red.

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Spooky Chic

Matte black and white nails with spooky design


If you clicked on this article in hopes of finding a Halloween nail art idea, this one's for you.

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