Celebrity Makeup Artist Matin's 5 Favorite Products of All Time

Celebrity makeup artist Matin is responsible for painting some of the faces of Hollywood's most elite. He's worked with A-listers like Claire Danes, Angelina Jolie, and (wait for it) Meryl Streep. You don't get to work with famous faces like these unless you're an expert or an artist—the crème de la crème.

Earlier, he re-created Jolie's trademark red carpet look, showing us how to achieve fresh and even skin paired with softly diffused smoky eyes and lots of lashes. Now he's opening up his kit to show us the five beauty products he doesn't ever want to go without. From a luxurious French face oil, which he calls "the most important thing," to a creamy concealer and a handmade kajal eyeliner, here are Matin's five favorite products of all time.

Huile Secret de Beaute (Hair & Body Oil)
Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beaute $70.00

"First up is a face oil. It's the most important thing for me. I've always used an oil instead of cream. This oil I'm using is by Leonor Greyl, and it's called Beauty Secret Oil. It's a little spray that you put on your hand and just massage it on the face, body, hair—everything."

Chapstick Total Hydration Moisture + Tint in Rose Petal $4.00

"Next, healthy lips are the most important thing, so I really love the Chapstick Total Hydration. The Total Hydration + Tint adds a little bit of allure, a little bit of beauty while you're doing your makeup. I put on a swipe of this over a lip oil, and I also send my clients with this because I don't trust them with a full lipstick to touch up on their own."

Secret Camouflage SC-4 0.26 oz/ 7.3 g
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage $35.00

"The other product that's been in my kit for 20 years at least is Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. This is a dry type of concealer that's wonderful for covering pimples, sun damage, any kind of redness on the face. I can literally do an entire makeup [look] with just this and not having anything else. This and a black pencil and I'm good to go."

Ardell Triple Individuals Lashes $7.00

"Next up, I really love lashes—the individual ones. They are the flares that come in short and medium and long. I usually use the medium and the short, and I try to create shape in the eye with lashes instead of resorting to heavier eye makeup. It makes my job a lot easier to create a nice cat eye without putting a whole bunch of makeup on."

Couture Kajal - 3-In-1 Khol Eyeliner Noir Ardent 0.05 oz/ 1.5 g
Yves Saint Laurent Couture Kajal 3-in-1 Khol Eyeliner $35.00

Even though it's not quite the same formula as Matin's kajal liner from Afghanistan, which is made from sweet almond oil and ghee, this YSL eyeliner is still a good one to try. It deposits a rich black pigment that can be easily blended out to create a similar eye look.

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