Matching Sets That Make Fall Dressing So Much Easier

And why you should have at least one in your closet this season.

matching sets


Despite how deep your love goes for the art of crafting an outfit, there's something to be said about pieces that make the whole ordeal feel easier. There are the more obvious staples that effortlessly add polish, like a neutral blazer or trench coat, but if you're the kind of person who's looking for something a bit bolder, consider the matching set. This wardrobe MVP is a reliable way to instantly feel put together while not, in fact, putting in much work at all.

You can think of the matching set as a one-and-done kind of situation. Whether it's a blouse and skirt in a twin print or a cable-knit cardigan and pants, the essence of a matching set is that it's like an entire outfit in one. Naturally, you can add other layers once you've got your matching set base, but with this easy-to-style duo in your closet, you won't be without an outfit again. Ahead, shop a few of our favorites for fall.

Scalloped Knitwear

This charming scalloped cardigan and bralette would look perfect with just about any bottoms, including faux leather trousers, baggy denim, or even a silk slip skirt.

Artsy Flares

This dress-and-flares matching set could be worn on its own or paired with a cool, drape-y trench and chunky flats.

Cozy Uniform

What better way to kick off fall than with a matching set in a cozy knitwear texture? Wear this pair with your favorite leather boots or loafers.

Set's Night Out

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Add some edge to your look with this vegan leather set. On the accessories side, Chelsea boots would pair well.

Solar Power

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For autumnal nights on the town, this chartreuse matching set is the ideal find. Wear it with a leather jacket and ankle boots.

Graphic Neutrals

Go graphic with this black and white set. Contrast the neutral palette with colorful jewelry to add dimension to the look.

Florals for Fall

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Cool cutouts and an autumn-ready floral pattern lend this matching set MVP status.

Velvet Drama

Is there anything more autumnal than a noir velvet matching set? We think not.

Less Is More

If your style skews toward sleek minimalism, this stunning set featuring a strapless neckline ought to do the trick.

Green Is the New Black

Give your wardrobe a mod vibe with this jacket and mini skirt duo crafted in a leather texture and deep green color palette.

Casual Fridays

If you're in search of a new WFH uniform that's equal parts comfortable and cute, this sporty set crafted in an ultra-soft knit is your new go-to.

Cheerful Prim

Shine bright in this cheerful green set designed in a bouclé texture. We'd wear it with a long coat and fun socks.

Almost All-Black Aesthetic

If you tend to wear all-black outfits once the weather gets cold, consider a noir matching set with a small print to liven up your look.

Statement Silhouette

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This vegan leather set is fashion with a capital F—you'll wear it all season long.

Soft Structure

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This matching jacket and trousers would look charming with a silk scarf and loafers.

Festive Attire

This matching sweater and skirt is the perfect outfit for the holiday season. Consider your outfit for Thanksgiving or your end-of-year office cocktail party found.

The Sweatsuit

If you're still not ready (or willing) to give up the sweatsuit uniform, try one in a rich brown that sends a strong message this season.

Vested Up

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Vests are having a moment right now, and there's no easier way to wear one than in a matching set.

Comfortable Luxury

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Feel as luxe as you look in this silky set, and don't forget to accessorize the top with some sparkly charms.

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