Is This the Foundation of the Future?


Isabella Behravan

I think most of us can agree that finding our perfect foundation match is not a simple or amusing task. Particularly for women who don't fall in the very middle of the color spectrum, the process can get pretty frustrating. When you think about it, it makes little sense that brands would only offer 10 or 12 foundation shades. After all, there are certainly more than 12 skin tones represented in the world. 

This is exactly the conundrum Andy Howell and David Gross were set on solving when they developed foundation brand MatchCo. Unlike every other makeup brand on the market, MatchCo doesn't offer a set selection of foundation shades. Instead, it evaluates your individual skin tone to blend a custom color that promises to match you perfectly. Sound cool? Here's where MatchCo gets crazy, though—you don't have to go anywhere to get your skin tone assessed. You do it through an app on your iPhone. Here's how it works: You simply download MatchCo's app and take a few scans of your skin with your iPhone camera. Those scans are then sent to the brand’s mixing lab in Santa Monica, California, where they're used to formulate a one-of-a-kind foundation color that is shipped your way within 48 hours. Oh, and the product is only $49.

Skeptical? Curious? So were we. So when MatchCo offered to come to Byrdie HQ and walk nine of our editors through the process, we took the company up on it. Keep scrolling to read our review of MatchCo's custom foundation!