Matcha Latte Nails Are the Creamy New Manicure Trend Taking Over Our Feeds

Solid matcha latte manicure color with simple rings


While matcha has long been a popular drink in Japan, the tea variety (and its associated latte) has become such a cornerstone of western pop culture in recent years that the beverage's influence now goes far beyond the café or kitchen. It started with the chartreuse-adjacent shade inspiring what TikTokers call the matcha aesthetic, and before long, matcha outfits began trending. Now, matcha latte nails (or matcha nails) are rising to the top, and they're a smooth, sophisticated dream for all your upcoming adventures. Of course, these manicures feature green nail polish, although not the vibrant shades also currently trending. Instead, they focus on muted, slightly earthier hues that fall within the matcha aesthetic, like chartreuse, Kermit green, and pale olive green. Keep reading to see 15 refreshing takes on the matcha latte nails trend.

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Matcha Daisy Nails

Matcha-colored manicure with daisy nail designs


For a creamier matcha latte nail look, opt for a pale shade of green that still has a pop of pigment—here, nail artist Phoebe Cascarina used the Cirque Colors Nail Polish ($13) in Tumbleweed. The retro daisy design adds a touch of fun that's perfect for spring and summer.

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Minimalist Matcha Latte

Solid matcha latte manicure color with simple rings


If you love the matcha color so much that you want to rock it all over, we don't blame you. To recreate this exact nail look, you'll need a bottle of CND Vinylux Long Wear Polish ($8) in Crisp Green.

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Gilded Smoky Matcha

Matcha manicure with white swirl design at corner and gold star accents


For a dustier take on the matcha latte nail trend, recreate this smoky matcha mani. To replicate the look, you'll need Le Mini Macaron's Gel Polish ($13) in Smoky Matcha and Coconut Yogurt. We love how the swirled texture resembles actual matcha lattes, as well as the gilded touch from the subtle star designs.

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Chocolate Matcha

Brown and matcha green manicure with alternating solid nails and swirl designs


If you've never had matcha and chocolate together, you're missing out. In addition to providing a major caffeine boost, the flavor combo is downright delicious—and, if we do say so ourselves, so are the colors. (Psst: If we made you crave a sweet treat, try the Core Foods Matcha Coconut Chocolate Truffles, $40.)

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Earthy Swirl

Earthy matcha green and muted taupe manicure with abstract designs


If you're not one for pale nail looks but want to try matcha latte nails on for size, pair a darker shade of green with an earthy taupe hue. The result will be a more neutral take on the popular nail look.

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Milky Matcha

Opalescent milky nails with green matcha swirl design


If you prefer your matcha lattes extra creamy, this milky mani may be your perfect match—plus, it's super easy to recreate. Simply use a milky neutral polish for your base, then create abstract swirls overtop in the pale matcha shades of your choice using a fine-lining nail art brush. Finish with top coat, and you're good to go.

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Cha Cha Matcha Moment

Pink, matcha green, and cream abstract wave nail design


Many matcha lovers know that Cha Cha Matcha is the be-all, end-all of trendy matcha shops. Known for its pink and green aesthetic, delicious pastries, and signature drinks, Cha Cha is an inspiration in and of itself, so it only makes sense that the bicoastal shop serves as inspiration for a matcha latte mani, too.

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Latte Heart

Matcha latte manicure with heart accent design and pale pink accent nails


Have you ever had a particularly talented barista pour a heart design into your matcha latte? Recreate those sweet vibes with this manicure, which pairs its earthy green shades with milky pink and an accent nail crafted with love. To recreate the look, you'll need Gelcare's UV Gel Nail Polish ($19) in Chartreuse, Matcha, and Oat.

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Matcha Groove

Abstract green and white manicure


This groovy green and white nail art makes us think of delicious matcha lattes topped off with vanilla sweet cream foam. To recreate the look, grab Jessie Monroe Nail Care's Nail Lacquer ($13) in the shades G.I. Jane and Kool Whip.

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Gold Matte Matcha

Swirling matte matcha latte nails with gold designs


Give your matcha latte nail look an extra-smooth finish by completing the process with a matte top coat, like Ella + Mila's Matte-ly In Love Matte Top Coat ($11). The abstract gold swirls here only add to the luxurious feel.

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Matcha French Tips

French manicure with gradient matcha green tips


Remember, you don't have to pick just one matcha shade. Since mismatched and ombré nails remain popular staples, this multicolor matcha latte manicure is a great option for those with decision fatigue, as well as those who simply believe that the more color, the better.

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3D Matcha Nails

Pink and matcha green manicure with 3D bubbles


Considering aura nails, dewdrop nails, and pink nails are three of the biggest trends of 2023, this pink and green matcha latte nail moment with 3D bubble designs is one for the books. The color scheme has us craving a trip to Cha Cha Matcha.

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Mismatched manicure designs in blue, pink, orange, and matcha green


Mismatched manis remain a staple of 2023, especially as we move into summer. That means this floral, smiley face, checkered, and wave mani is a no-brainer for those looking to load up on patterns and hues.

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Negative Space Matcha Gradient

Manicure with matcha green and yellow abstract negative space gradient designs


Here's another way to rock a variety of matcha-inspired shades in one manicure. Rather than a traditional French tip, opting for an asymmetric arch with negative space creates an updated, abstract feel.

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Matcha Trip

Two-tone matcha manicure with varied swirl designs


If you love the idea of a mismatched mani but want to stick to just two shades, here's proof that you can still make it look funky and fun. This look illustrates the concept that multiple patterns can go together effortlessly if they share a common color scheme.

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